A Profile (of sorts)
My name is Amanda. I’m a film journalist living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m Indonesian but I studied a lot of languages and I’m now fluent in Indonesian, English and Italian, as well as with some proficiency in French and Japanese.

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TWITTER: @mavieenlair, @geekinc18
OTHER BLOG: Bookerie (book blog)

Past works
I’ve written and translated articles for teenage magazines (Gadis and Seventeen Indonesia), as well as book reviews (PS Magazine).

I began writing for FiRST Movie Magazine Indonesia as a contributor and was in charge of the Harry Potter feature in the July 2009 Edition, Issue 18, and also interviewed Tom Felton for the feature.

I also made one short film during my school days in Italy, with my classmates, called Funzione Fatica. It was part of a school project with my classmates. I wrote the script (in Italian) and co-starred in it.

I quit my job at Kinokuniya Bookstores in Jakarta, where I was a merchandiser/buyer, and in charge of customer service. I was also, at several points in that career, a recruiter, a trainer, a marketing/promotions executive and a personal assistant to the head of the company. I organized a lot of events* in Kinokuniya.

(* In early 2009, we screened Robert Pattinson’s indie flick, How to Be [directed by Oliver Irving], in Kinokuniya Bookstores Jakarta Store. It was the movie’s first ever screening in Asia. In 2010, I organized the Wonderland Invasion campaign, in honor of Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass and in celebration of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie release.)

Current Job
After writing as a freelance contributor for two years, I am now the deputy chief editor of Total Film Indonesia magazine, which has currently been rebranded as All Film magazine. I do movie reviews, TV reviews and features in the magazine.

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