New Assignments for Next Month

I am currently sitting at Starbucks, drinking Green Tea Latte, having just perused the materials I got for next month’s assignments. I can’t believe it — I’m actually getting the cover story once again! :O This is baffling. Of course, this is not to say I am not honored or excited about the project. On the contrary, all of the 3 things I am working on (minus the Abridged Script, of course, but more because I have to turn my brain around more when I write the Script) are all highly interesting articles… but, my god, they are LOOOOONG.

So I guess, in addition to having to come up with newer, more exciting and ‘upper class’ range of books for my bookstore, I will also have to translate some 12+ pages of articles. April is looking to be yet another hectic month. The only consolation is that, no matter what, February 2010 was worse. After February, I can do anything. Get through anything.