Gleeks and Other Rising Stars in Total Film Indonesia (Issue 16)

Watch out, people! The newest issue of Total Film Indonesia magazine, with two different types of cover (one featuring The Adjustment Bureau, and another featuring I Am Number Four), is out… and it’s chock full of features on today’s hottest young Hollywood stars.

First of all, can I just say that I managed to successful plug in Chris Colfer’s script, Struck By Lightning, in the Buzz section of the magazine? Yeah, I’m quite proud of this. I did that for Chris… not that he needs any more publicity, but I think any news about him writing that movie should be spread out as many times and to as many people as possible. This should show serious moviegoers that a Gleek is not just a Gleek… but he’s also a budding filmmaker!

Secondly, I wrote three interview articles of the main stars of I Am Number Four.

This is a snapshot of the ‘proof prints’ before they went to the printing company; I was working on the spellcheck with my friend at a restaurant.

My history with these three actors are somewhat different, which is interesting because I think my level of ‘favoritism’ for them had changed since I first discovered them. Alex Pettyfer was the one I discovered first (through his debut movie, Stormbreaker, in which he played Ewan McGregor’s nephew). I used to like him so much (let’s face it, he’s very good-looking), but since he hadn’t been playing in any movies until now, I had very little reason to continue liking him. I wish he would step up his game soon… and I think he will, although I admit that I’m now more interested in the female stars of Number Four.

Do you Tweet?
No and I’m not on Facebook and I don’t blog. To keep in touch with friends I do normal stuff like calling or texting.
Alex Pettyfer on the issue of social networking (Total Film Indonesia, Issue 16, March 2011)

On the other hand, I didn’t find out Teresa Palmer until last year, when she appeared as Jay Baruchel’s on-screen love interest in The Magician’s Apprentice. However, it turned out that I’m more interested to see where her career is going because she seems to be taking her job very seriously. From the interview, I could tell she’s not in Hollywood to try and aim to be “The It Girl”… she wants to play in good movies, taking good roles and working with good filmmakers. I wish her all the best of luck.

“I think there are a lot of strong female characters coming up in these films. And it’s nice; it’s definitely a shift from what we’ve seen in the past, with it typically being a male star who is the action star or the hero of the movie. I love it, and I think women are going to really respond well to it too. It’s like we are tough; we go through some of the hardest things in life and we have to give birth! Men don’t have to go through that experience. We are tough; it’s ingrained in us and it’s nice that film is starting to really appreciate women in that way.” – Teresa Palmer on the role of strong women in films and all around girl power (Total Film Indonesia, Issue 16, March 2011)

Sometime between discovering those two, I discovered Dianna Agron, who is of course one of the stars of Glee. Now, here’s the thing about Dianna: she’s very pretty. She has great tastes, bordering on the edgy, and she seems like a nice person who is less of a diva than Lea Michele. But she just doesn’t have that wide a range of acting. She seems to know how to play one thing and one thing only: the pretty high school girl in a “boy meets girl” story. That does not bode well for her career. Getting typecast after only having 2 major roles in a TV series and a movie? Hmm… But I like Ms. Agron. I wish her all the best of luck, too.

“I think anything fantasy-based. I would love to do something like Lord of the Rings or a Tim Burton film. I fell in love with Narnia and all the Hobbit books when I was a kid; that’s what got me interested in reading and got me interested in stories and characters and things like that. So a role along those lines would be fabulous. – Dianna Agron on what characters she wants to play (Total Film Indonesia, Issue 16, March 2011)

“Both production teams were so nice about it. What I did basically was rehearse with the tour, then I went to Pittsburgh for a couple of days for a rehearsal. I went back to the tour, finished the tour, and then the next day I was on a plane and started shooting. Then, right as soon as I was done, I went back and started the season. So there wasn’t any down time, but I like that, and especially since I was playing such a different character, it really didn’t matter.” – Dianna Agron on managing her time between I Am Number Four and Glee (Total Film Indonesia, Issue 16, March 2011)

Well, I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for this excellent issue of TFI. I’m not only saying this because I wrote half the feature articles in it, but the ‘original issue’ from the UK was also an excellent one. It’s all about book-to-movie adaptations, so if you’re a bookworm and a movie geek like me, this issue will please you very, very much. You can buy the magazine in all major bookstores in Indonesia.