3D: Dizzying, Dispensable, Disproportionate

“There’s an evolution, and people are starting to not accept inferior forms, which is good.  But it’s typical of Hollywood to get it wrong. We do a film that’s natively authored in 3D — it’s shot in 3D.  So they assume from the success of that, that they can just turn movies into 3D.  In 8 weeks.  You know, just throw a switch on 3D and that’s gonna work somehow.  If you wanna make a movie in 3D, MAKE the movie in 3D. It should be a filmmaker-driven process and not a studio-driven process.”

– James Cameron (from this interview)

Ah, FINALLY. Someone is speaking up against the whole “movies-in-3D-are-better” crap. Seriously, Hollywood, listen to the man.

I pretty much have nothing else to say because, frankly, James Cameron said it all. I’ve been waiting for someone to say this to the world at large ever since the filmmakers of Harry Potter decided to release Deathly Hallows Part I and II in 3 effing D. At that time, I felt like grabbing a stuffed baseball bat (toy) and just hitting the Davids – Heyman, Yates, whoever – on the head for that. In fact, I still do now. If they go ahead with this 3D plans for the last 2 movies in the franchise, I might just have to jab them all with a spork. The only thing that would forgive them for going 3D is if Steve Kloves actually came up with a worse script than what he did for Half-Blood Prince. That way, I’d be too worked up on exacting revenge plans for Kloves that the 3D wouldn’t matter.

But, seriously… enough 3D. Just because James Cameron is bored enough to spend the last decade to develop a movie with an inferior story into a freaking massive epic 3D masterpiece, it doesn’t mean everyone has to. First, Hollywood can’t make a decent enough script for a movie without resorting to books (or amusement park rides or old movies or TV shows or video games) these days. Second, it’s trying to cover this up by making all their movies in 3D. I say, stop being stupid, Hollywood, it’s embarrassing.

That said, I’m looking forward to Tim Burton’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The one that will play in a cinema near me NOT in 3D. 🙂

In Bruges

Two nights ago I watched In Bruges, starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes, Clemence Poesy and Jordan Prentice. And I must say, I am impressed as hell.

If I hadn’t been so caught up in work that I watched this movie more than a year late, this movie would’ve made my Favorites List in 2008 or 2009 as the no. 1 movie of that year. (Yeah, it’s a bit pathetic… I’m not usually this late watching a movie.)

The story of a remorseful hitman who’d accidentally killed a child on the job, it’s sentimental without being soppy. The movie managed to draw tears from me at many points, but every single time a scene makes me cry, it also makes me laugh at the same time. I lost count of how many times I shouted to my sister amid my bout of laughter, “This is so sad but why is it so funny?” I was literally laughing through my tears there.

Most of these moments (and there are many) come from the lines and dialogue exchanges between Farrell and Gleeson, who are playing the hitmen Ray and Ken, both of whom are absolutely brilliant in their roles. I won’t even bother giving you an example of these lines because it won’t sound as funny without Farrell and Gleeson saying them. Added with a Ralph Fiennes who uses the effing F word behind every other word in the same effing sentence (and calls his effing wife an effing inanimate object), the movie’s lines are plenty effing fantastic.

And can I just say how fantastic the setting of this movie is? I do so love a movie set in beautiful cities and Bruges looks more than just fantastic… it’s gorgeous! It seems very much like a random choice of city but it does have a nice ring to the lines, whenever Ray complains about being “in Bruges”. It makes for a very clever catchphrase! Bruges has officially made my “Places to See Before To Die” list.

I would put this movie in the same category as Kinky Boots and The Full Monty. Neither are nowhere near as dark as In Bruges, of course, but they’re the same kind of British movies that are humorously sentimental. They’re movies that’ll make you laugh without resorting to general arseholiness. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have that kind of ‘gloss’ Guy Ritchie’s gangster epics usually provide by bringing in an epic all-star cast. So the whole movie is just infinitely more sincere and thoughtfully crafted.

In short, I love it to pieces. There should be more movies in the world like this one.

Speaking of, is it just me or is this movie as much a Harry Potter reunion as Sweeney Todd was? I mean, Lord Voldemort, Moody and Fleur Delacour in the same movie. And this might be a coincidence, but Brendan Gleeson’s son Domnhall is going to play Bill Weasley in Deathly Hallows, who will marry Clemence’s Fleur. So, Clemence will have played with 2 generations of Gleesons. Either the Brit film industry is very small or these people are just clique-ish. 😉

New Magazine, New Articles, Upcoming Projects

Hello! It’s been a while since I wrote here. I truly didn’t mean to abandon this blog – trust me, I didn’t! But my job got the better of me (has been since the last half of last year) so I sort of didn’t have time to open this… WordPress thingie.

OK, first of all, updates!

Did everybody hear? Indonesia now has a local edition of Total Film. It’s originally from the UK (here’s the website, if you don’t know it already) and it’s my favorite movie/entertainment magazine EVER. Why? Because it’s deliciously snarky and very British. It also lives up to its name of being TOTALly full of FILM, which I like. There’s less gossip, more information on films when you read this (not like when you read, say, Entertainment Weekly). But anyway, I’m a contributor there now.

I do the Abridged Scripts in this magazine. And I also translate a bunch of things. My major translations includes ones about Public Enemies for the dummy issue, Sherlock Holmes for the second issue, Shutter Island for the third and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland for the fourth. But I’ve also already done 2 of my own articles for them – New Moon (first issue) and Where the Wild Things Are (third issue). As you can see, I’ve been busy. And when I finally have the time, I will publish my original stuff in this blog. (God knows when that’s going to happen, though…)

But, anyway, I’m in the middle of preparing another movie article – an original – for the magazine. I can’t let you know yet what the movie is, but it’s one of the ‘big’ movies this year. And of course, I have to prepare an Abridged Script, too… can’t decide what movie it is I want to do for the script. Heh.

So, in an attempt to keep this blog alive, I’ll start posting my movie reviews here. Whether they get published in TFI or not, I’ll be writing about movies here. (Or at least, I will try to.) I have half a mind to write my review of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief right now (I just watched the movie today), but since I haven’t read the book… that’s going to have to wait for now. In any case, I won’t let this blog die…

Stay tuned, OK?