Chris Colfer in TIME 100 Most Influential People 2011 List

Can one person get even more stupidly with another person even more than she already is? The answer is yes. Case in point: yours truly.

I just went and did it – I fell more in love with Chris Colfer even more than I already did. That moment when I refreshed a web page and discovered that this actor, this 20-year-old (TWENTY YEAR OLD!) man/boy, made it to the TIME 100 Most Influential People 2011 is one moment I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.

Imagine being in an empty office space, tired to your bones after a hard day’s work that is riddled with trials, errors and complete idiocy, and badly needing a pick-me-up. Then imagine finding out the best possible news about someone whom you see so often that it almost feels like he’s your friend. It could be that this person is about to get married, or getting the job of his dreams, or winning the lottery, but in this case this person made it instead to a popular list that is compiled by one of the biggest media brands out there in the world and being acknowledged for his hard work and genius and talent. And then you know you feel so happy that your heart is about to burst with pride because you know this person deserved it so much. What do you do? You close the door of your office and let out the biggest cheer you can ever possibly imagine of making in a formal, professional setting that does not involve a pay raise. That’s what you do.

Or, at least, that’s what I did when I found out about Chris making it to the TIME 100 list.

This list is, if I’m not mistake, based on votes. And I know he was at the top of the list for a while before dropping a few rankings. But who cares? These are all mere technicalities. Everybody who is a fan of Christopher Paul Colfer from Clovis, California, must be swimming in joy right now because their idol has proven his influence.

Well, I hardly think that I need to expound on my admiration for Colfer. He’s already up there with the best of the best in entertainment, every singer, actor, performer, writer that I’ve ever liked, such as Tiziano Ferro, Paolo Maldini, JK Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe, Daigo Naito and so many more. He’s probably even better than most of them combined. So I would just like to use this entry to convey my congratulations for Colfer: congrats, Chris, you deserve all the good publicity and the attention you’re getting. 

This proves that not even a world class douchebag can stop true class and talent from really shining. And I’m so glad that his victory comes in the aftermath of this… silly wank because, boy, what a comeback! This is just good karma for the actor, really.

Also, he just sold a TV pilot to Disney. Seriously, how much more amazing can a young man under 21 get? What was I doing at 21? I was just studying Italian language and partying in Italy. Granted, I too wrote a short film (called Funzione Fatica) and shot it with my classmates in Siena at that time – and I’m quite proud of this, seeing as the script was in Italian and Italian is my second international language – but nothing I did at that age could be compared to what Mr. Colfer is doing now.

Some people are just born to be great and Chris Colfer is born that way.

Dianna Agron wrote the testimonial for Chris in the TIME website, ending her heartfelt passage by saying:

Our cast is blessed to hear things like “Your character has helped me through this, or helped me do that,” but none more so than Chris. To witness the power he gives to his audience firsthand? It’s wonderful.

To that, I can only add: to be able to witness Chris Colfer wield his ultimate no. 1 weapon, which is his undeniable talent, on a weekly basis is absolutely freaking terrific. He may not know me in person and we’ll probably never meet in this lifetime or even the next, but… Thank you, Chris, for adding a little bit of color and giving me some modicum of excitement in my otherwise bland and boring life.