All Film 68: Richard Armitage Feature


Earlier this week All Film issue 68 was released. It’s our Comic Book Movie Preview edition. All the features are about comic book movies such as Deadpool, Batman v Superman and whatnot. But we also couldn’t resist including Richard Armitage’s Hannibal interview in this issue as a 4-page feature, because we here at All Film are all just crazy about him. (We’re not even joking. We covered him for all The Hobbit movies, Into The Storm and now Hannibal. Not even Tom Hiddleston – who was in 3 MCU movies – could match that number and we’re also crazy about Hiddles.)

Hannibal ends this week – perhaps for ever – and we thought it fitting that the magazine should cover season 3 until its very bittersweet, scandalous and exhilarating end. As Francis Dolarhyde, Richard’s performance has been truly magnificent so we thought, despite having published the unabridged interview in our official website, we should still publish it in the magazine to reach an even wider audience. We did this mostly for the fans – especially the Armitage fans who are probably NOT Hannibal fans in the first place – because they were the ones who clicked on our website (and my blog and my Soundcloud) to check out the Richard Armitage and Mads Mikkelsen interviews.  But also to show our appreciation for AXN Asia, which has been very supportive to All Film in giving us the chance to interview Mads Mikkelsen and Richard Armitage by phone and a whole lot more materials for us to use, such as photos and transcripts.

Also, the coverage for Hannibal S3 has been my passion projects so of course I advocated for this article to be featured in the magazine as well.



Alas we have no new photos to use, so we recycled the talented Sarah Dunn’s shot of Richard Armitage from last year for the article. We would have used more Francis Dolarhyde photos but we were reluctant to use the more ‘disturbing’ ones (we didn’t want to give anyone nightmares – Dolarhyde has done that enough with Frederick Chilten’s face, to be honest) so recycled photo it is. I’d apologize but Richard is still very lovely here so…

(Seriously, though, please do not hotlink these pictures. Use your own server to upload pictures.)

It truly has been a fun several months writing about Hannibal, Mads and Richard. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to cover anything as exciting as this series again, but I would definitely love to do more of these.

Lastly, A BIG SHOUT OUT and WARM HUGS to the Armitage fans on Twitter who got me to watching Moving On when we were speculating on his “daytime” show. That entire column thing about Richard’s ‘dodgier’ characters was created simply so I could mention John Mulligan. Thank you, Richard fans, you have been most informative and clever!


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    • It’s my pleasure to share. You can definitely get one; All Film ships internationally with EMS and accepts payment via Paypal. If you could drop me an email [a.kusumowidagdo[at]gmail(dot)com] I can help you out.

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  3. Love the headline of the piece. And as a fan of the man I can only say – well done, and thanks. It was a great read here on your blog, and it was really nice of you to spoil us with soundbites, too. Hope this sells like hot cakes!

    • Oh, I hope it sells too! Even if they buy it for the Deadpool stuff in it, they’d still get exposed to Richard’s awesomeness too and that is really the point of all this. Haha!
      Thanks for reading and listening all along… I hope there will be other projects of his I can report on and share with everybody!

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