Max Adler: Awesome Personified

Is there no end to Max Adler’s awesomeness? Surely, this man has a weakness somewhere… but I don’t see it. Of course I’m nobody – I don’t know him personally and I don’t even dream of ever meeting him because the distance between us is just too far. But, seriously, can he get any more awesome? (I’m betting he can.)

I am sitting here, just wondering why he is not more popular and playing in more movies because every time he does something, my mind always gets blown.

What brought this new case of Max Adler worship on, you ask? If you read the interview by Brandon Voss of of Mr. Adler (Max Adler: Closet Geek) that was just released mere hours ago, you would know.

I struggle with words to express just how much I appreciate this man and his talent and his attitude in general. I tried writing something that wouldn’t sound too much like fangirl gushing, but I fail miserably. Because the truth is, everything that Max Adler does makes me want to get on my knees and worship the very ground he walks on. It could be the way he words his opinions in interviews that clearly shows that he is much more than just “some guy who plays this guy on television”. It could also be the care he shows into the character he plays in Glee or perhaps even just the way he’s always so generous with compliments for his co-stars. It’s definitely the way he  supports the LGBT community and organizations like The Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Trevor Project. It’s most decidedly also the way he owns the suit he’s wearing for the photos in that interview.

Then I look at this:

Another downside of Karofsky’s suicide is that you wouldn’t be on the show anymore.
Yes, that would be bad, because I would love to do this forever. But if they did go that way with the story line, I know it would be for the best, I would carry it out wholeheartedly, and I know it could make a big difference.

And it struck me just how devoted he is to his craft and what it represents. I have no doubt that he would do a good job playing Karofsky’s death (though the gods of TV forbid – knock on wood, please don’t let it come to that!) because that’s just the kind of actor he is. I have a feeling that not only would he deliver a brilliant performance, but he’d also try to soothe his character’s supports and his own fans afterwards. If Karofsky has to go in that painful way, then let me tell you: he’d die a glorious death because Max Adler would make sure of it.

Having said that, of course I’m not in favor of a suicidal!Karofsky storyline (I don’t think they’d go that way, anyway; not after the “Prom Queen”). My wish for Karofsky in the next season is actually outlined by Voss and Adler in the interview:

I hope you get to smile more next season.
Thank you. It’s fun playing the bad guy, but it’s fun to smile too.

If nothing else – if he doesn’t end up coming out and getting (Kurt Hummel) as a boyfriend – then I would want to see more of Dave’s smile. Not the smirky smile he did as he proudly announced what the Bully Whips were doing for Kurt. Not the uncertain half smile he gave Schuester when the teacher told him that he could be one of the more talented guys in the school. But an honest-to-god I-am-freaking-happy smile like the one he did before running out on to the field and joining his teammates for a halftime performance of Thriller and Heads Will Roll. (And in case anybody’s wondering: Yes, I remember all of Dave Karofsky’s smiles from Season 2. I have them – plus all of his sad faces – permanently etched into my memory. They’re that memorable – much thanks to Mr. Adler.)

So, earlier this year I said I was in support of Karofsky because I want to see Adler nail the character and receive praise for his performance as the (former) bully. I got my wish: Adler is certainly not lacking of thumbs up from many sides for his performance. But now I have a whole different wish. I still want to see Adler receive even more praise for playing Karofsky, I am so rooting for this actor to go far with his career. If I were a director in need of a fresh talent in my movie, he’d be my first pick. (Him and Sam Claflin of Pirates of the Caribbean fame, actually, but that’s beside the point.)

Unfortunately, I am no filmmaker – just an oft-frustrated movie reporter who writes mostly Harry Potter-related articles for a living. That’s why I can only hope and pray that Max Adler reaches the top. It would be ideal for him to play, possibly, a dwarf in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit or an FBI agent in a blockbuster summer movie released next year. But I’d settle for just about any big screen movie that would gain him recognition and accolades for his work. He’ll get there eventually… and I’ll be cheering him on all the way.


In my fantasies, he’s modeling Zegna and will be considered for the role of James Bond. A girl can dream, right?