The Hunger Games: Film Review

The Hunger Games

Deadly entertaining and brutally fascinating.

THE HUNGER GAMES is not ‘the new Twilight’. Gary Ross’ adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling novel may have elicited the same shrieking reaction from the fans as the one often heard at a screening of the movie about glittery vamps, but The Hunger Games, a much bloodier feast than its fanged counterpart, is more likely to make people scream from pain and misery than Jacob Black’s state of shirtlessness.

That is why it is perhaps appropriate that The Hunger Games was kicked off by an agonized scream – this one belonging to Willow Shields’ Primrose Everdeen, the sister of leading lady Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) as she wakes up from a nightmare. Her older sister hugs her for a while, soothes her with a lullaby and then makes for the woods, to hunt food for her family. Seeing this opening sequence it is easy to assume that Lawrence, who nabbed an Oscar nod through a similar role of a young girl providing for her poor mom and siblings in the indie flick Winter’s Bone (2010), has been caught in the typecasting trap Hollywood laid out for her. However, as the story of Hunger Games proceeds, she proves her worth as the best actress of her generation.

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