The Green Hornet

Thanks to my good friends at Total Film Indonesia, I got to watch The Green Hornet on Tuesday evening on 3D and without paying.

Prior to watching it, I was told by some people to keep my expectations low (if I did that, I would like it) but keeping a low expectation with a director like Michel Gondry on the helm and actors like Christoph Waltz in it is pretty difficult to do. I walked into that movie with what I call  a ‘medium-level expectation’. As a result… I find the movie excellent and entertaining!

I guess the key to enjoying movies like this is to not take it too seriously. Of course, it’s not total trash, but it’s definitely not an intelligent thinky-thought film either. So, in the spirit of not taking things too seriously, I will post my Twitter review of the movie instead of doing an overly analytical observation on the movie.

mavieenlair I liked ‘The Green Hornet’. I was told to keep my expectations low and I’d like it. Well, my expectations weren’t low and I still liked it.
about 22 hours ago via web

mavieenlair Jay Chou’s bad English can be quite distracting at times but there’s such a cute chemistry between him and Seth Rogen. It’s just awesome.
about 22 hours ago via web

mavieenlair And the 3D? It’s… good. Goddammit. I didn’t want to say this… but it’s very good. It has to be said.
about 22 hours ago via web

mavieenlair Also, I nearly pissed my pants watching the scene between Christoph Waltz and James Franco in the beginning. Did I say hilarious? HILARIOUS!
about 22 hours ago via web

I also enjoyed Edward Furlong’s cameo very much. By the way, is Edward Furlong back to being cool again now? I mean, in CSI: NY he was really good (although in the end, I wanted to say, “JUST DIE ALREADY!”) If he is, I’m all for it. Hurrah for ’90s idols making comebacks!

In the end, I told my friend that it might just be one of my favorites this year. The movie helped me get  out of a depressive mood that I’ve been feeling in the past week, due to real life issues. It made me laugh hard enough to forget about my woes, so for that alone, I appreciate what the filmmakers were doing.

Besides, what can I say, I’m a sucker for bromance-on-screen. Rogen and Chou are really, really Holmes/Watson-y. It’s too cute.