SB6 Set Visit 2018 – Day 1

As promised here I am posting again after a couple of years’ absence. I have no excuse for going away for so long. I’d say sorry for my lack of updates but those who know me actually knew I haven’t been absent in social media. So if you want better updates of my happenings, there’s Twitter and Instagram (and even another TwitterTwitter!)

Anyway today I’m writing from Singapore. I’m on an overnight stay before journeying to Johor Baru, Malaysia, for a set visit with Cinemax. I’m visiting the set of US Strike Back season 6 (season 7 for you Brits because the Americans refer to Strike Back S1 as Strike Back: Origins or something like that) in JB and I’m excited. Obviously I’m a fan of Strike Back because of Richard Armitage and John Porter, and the first season was a blast. Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester took up the mantle of co-leads brilliantly after Mr. Armitage went away for The Hobbit. So that the show came back after the Stapleton-Winchester era came to a close in US Season 4, I’m pretty happy. I’m even happier that I got to do another set visit of SB.

Back in 2014, I went to Bangkok to visit the set of US Season 4, where Michelle Yeoh guest starred. She wasn’t there when I visited the set, having finished filming her scenes already probably, but I got to talk to Stapleton, Winchester, Michelle Lukes, Milauna Jackson and Christian Antidormi. (Sully is a great interviewee, by the way. We doorstopped him on location at the train station that doubled for airport and he answered all of our questions with relish and lots of laughs. He’s a huge dude in real life but he sat down when we talked to him so I was saved from having to look up all the time.) The Fab Four of US SB was actually fabulous in real life. One of the best set visits I ever did, period.

So now I’m anxious and a bit worried about tomorrow’s set visit. I know a lot less about ‘the new guys’, Warren Brown and Daniel MacPherson. I mean, yes, I’ve watched Brown in Luther (I’m still pissed off they killed Justin!) but I barely remember MacPherson from The Shannara Chronicles. To be honest, I’m actually a little hazy on what the reboot season (US Season 5) is all about… I haven’t finished even the first episode. (Okay, so maybe I’m not THAT devoted a fan…) Also, the set is actually in a jungle. An actual jungle. With trees and all that. I’m not sure I’m cut out for that environment. This could turn out to be the set visit from hell…

Right now I’m trying to focus on other work (yes, work, I brought a laptop to a set visit trip abroad because I have work) so I don’t worry too much about tomorrow but it’s not effective. I was focused on working earlier and forgot about my anxiety but then my brain started overthinking again and I’m, like, screw it. I’ll just write a blog entry to try and express my worries ‘out loud’. Usually it goes away after I do that. Let’s see if this blog is successful in making me chill.

On the meantime, allow me to reminisce a bit more. Here are a few more pictures from the Bangkok set visit 4 years ago.

Bangkok skyline, 18 December 2014.

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Alley in a Bangkok market.

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