Prometheus: Film Review


Destination: Paradise. Arrival: Ridley Scott’s purgatory.


WARNING: This review may contain spoilers.


Here are a few things to do before watching Prometheus:

1. Watch Alien, Ridley Scott’s first sci-fi epic that launched his career. But just Alien.

2. Forget Alien.

3. Free your mind.

Because Scott opens his film with a scene that would give Charles Darwin, had he been able to watch, reason to have strong words with writers Jon Spaihts (The Darkest Hour) and Damon Lindelof (Lost) for even thinking of ruining his theories. A man with chalk-white complexion – not exactly human, but entirely humanoid – took a sip of a mysterious dark liquid. Then he fell and his cells disintegrated… and most probably created life on Earth.

Then he moves his movie to 2080, where we are introduced to Elizabeth Shaw, a religious scientist that Swedish actress Noomi Rapace plays. She and her lover, Logan Marshall-Green’s Charlie Holloway, have apparently found evidence that the aforementioned being, whom these scientists then referred to as ‘the Engineers’ are none other than our makers. Shaw, Holloway and a number of crew then shipped themselves off in Weyland Corp.’s research vessel Prometheus to a distant planet in a distant solar system that cost them two years of hypersleep to reach to seek the truth of their claim. And because this is a Ridley Scott movie, what ensues is a tale straight out of a Lovecraft-induced nightmare that will shake you no matter how firmly you are holding on to the edge of your seat.

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