Bonnie’s Twilight question

I feel the need to say, regarding that Twilight question that was included in Bonnie Wright’s interview, that the question was NOT ours per se. The interview was a round table with a few other journalists and that question came up. Since we thought people might want to know the answer, then I decided to include it for the print edition.

Also, we never mentioned Jamie Campbell Bower’s name to her either because when we were coming up with questions, we wanted to respect Ms. Wright’s privacy. But his name came up anyway (I assume people find the fact that Bower managed to get roles in both the vampire movie and the wizard movie is something fascinating. That’s because he is awesome – I have known this since he serenaded “Joanna…” in Sweeney Todd and did a cameo in RocknRolla. The only thing he should do now to make himself Master of the Franchises is to star in Narnia, but this is all beside the point.)

Nonetheless, I think everyone will find that Bonnie Wright is not only stunningly gorgeous person in real life but also very tactful and diplomatic. I was already halfway in love with her (although not as crazy as I am about Evanna Lynch, whom I think should start her own fashion line) before the interview and now I’m head over heels.

That’s all.