Chris Colfer in TIME 100 Most Influential People 2011 List

Can one person get even more stupidly with another person even more than she already is? The answer is yes. Case in point: yours truly.

I just went and did it – I fell more in love with Chris Colfer even more than I already did. That moment when I refreshed a web page and discovered that this actor, this 20-year-old (TWENTY YEAR OLD!) man/boy, made it to the TIME 100 Most Influential People 2011 is one moment I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.

Imagine being in an empty office space, tired to your bones after a hard day’s work that is riddled with trials, errors and complete idiocy, and badly needing a pick-me-up. Then imagine finding out the best possible news about someone whom you see so often that it almost feels like he’s your friend. It could be that this person is about to get married, or getting the job of his dreams, or winning the lottery, but in this case this person made it instead to a popular list that is compiled by one of the biggest media brands out there in the world and being acknowledged for his hard work and genius and talent. And then you know you feel so happy that your heart is about to burst with pride because you know this person deserved it so much. What do you do? You close the door of your office and let out the biggest cheer you can ever possibly imagine of making in a formal, professional setting that does not involve a pay raise. That’s what you do.

Or, at least, that’s what I did when I found out about Chris making it to the TIME 100 list.

This list is, if I’m not mistake, based on votes. And I know he was at the top of the list for a while before dropping a few rankings. But who cares? These are all mere technicalities. Everybody who is a fan of Christopher Paul Colfer from Clovis, California, must be swimming in joy right now because their idol has proven his influence.

Well, I hardly think that I need to expound on my admiration for Colfer. He’s already up there with the best of the best in entertainment, every singer, actor, performer, writer that I’ve ever liked, such as Tiziano Ferro, Paolo Maldini, JK Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe, Daigo Naito and so many more. He’s probably even better than most of them combined. So I would just like to use this entry to convey my congratulations for Colfer: congrats, Chris, you deserve all the good publicity and the attention you’re getting. 

This proves that not even a world class douchebag can stop true class and talent from really shining. And I’m so glad that his victory comes in the aftermath of this… silly wank because, boy, what a comeback! This is just good karma for the actor, really.

Also, he just sold a TV pilot to Disney. Seriously, how much more amazing can a young man under 21 get? What was I doing at 21? I was just studying Italian language and partying in Italy. Granted, I too wrote a short film (called Funzione Fatica) and shot it with my classmates in Siena at that time – and I’m quite proud of this, seeing as the script was in Italian and Italian is my second international language – but nothing I did at that age could be compared to what Mr. Colfer is doing now.

Some people are just born to be great and Chris Colfer is born that way.

Dianna Agron wrote the testimonial for Chris in the TIME website, ending her heartfelt passage by saying:

Our cast is blessed to hear things like “Your character has helped me through this, or helped me do that,” but none more so than Chris. To witness the power he gives to his audience firsthand? It’s wonderful.

To that, I can only add: to be able to witness Chris Colfer wield his ultimate no. 1 weapon, which is his undeniable talent, on a weekly basis is absolutely freaking terrific. He may not know me in person and we’ll probably never meet in this lifetime or even the next, but… Thank you, Chris, for adding a little bit of color and giving me some modicum of excitement in my otherwise bland and boring life.

When you sing, the world stops turning to wait for you

In the past 24 hours, I have been spoiled by the lovely voices of two very young actors and I can’t stand it. They are just too good to be true.

The first one, I am not exactly surprised that he manages to wow me. He is, after all, a tried and true performer who sings for one of the most watched high school musical series in the world. And he already won a Golden Globe, so you know he can and does sing beautifully. He can do show tunes and Lady Gaga with so much ease. He’d even tackled on a legendary Beatles song and owned that song. And we have all agreed that his moves in a cover of Madonna song is sexy and hot as all hell. Except that lately he hasn’t been singing in the show. And I – like many of his fans – miss hearing him serenade his audience on-screen. Instead, they are giving all the songs to his so-called ‘love interest’ in that show who, while having a marvelous voice, is still not as divine a singer as this guy is.

[+] Listen to Chris Colfer singing Blackbird for next week’s Glee episode (spoiler alert).

His voice is BEAUTIFUL. Enough said. Listen for yourself. You’ll see what I mean.

Now the second guy… it came as a surprise to me what a wonderful singer he is because he’s definitely not known for his singing skills! He is best known for playing a bespectacled boy wizard in one of the most successful movie franchises oin this history of cinema. He is also known for shedding his clothes on stage a few years ago. He is one of the best young actors the United Kingdom has produced in the last decade. But he is NOT known for being a bloody good singer or dancer. So when I heard that he can and does sing extremely well in his newest Broadway musical, I am just blown away.

[+] Listen to Daniel Radcliffe sing the songs from How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

Marvelous voice, especially in I Believe In You. And I hear he’s dancing beautifully, too. Do you hear that? That’s me swooning.

I envy them. So much. They are young, talented, successful, handsome and… did I mention young? They are under 25 and they are already accomplishing so much. And I have a feeling they will only get better as they get older.

Now may I make a little bit of ‘proposition’? Can we bring Daniel Radcliffe to Glee? I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of having him on the show – especially after Kevin McHale and some of the Glee cast made a huge deal about watching Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 last November. I think, if any, Daniel should play Kurt Hummel’s love interest (I mean, if you want to have a guy who has played Harry Potter somewhere to play Kurt’s potential boyfriend, you might as well cast the ORIGINAL one).

Now imagine them singing together.

Are you imagining it?

How explosive would they be together, joined in harmony? I, for one, will be having days of FANTASTIC GOOD NIGHT DREAMS if that ever happens.

Now if you’ll excuse me… I will be sitting here and putting both of their songs on loop. For, oh, I don’t know… forever?

Sexiest Baby Penguin In The World

Dave Karofsky and Max Adler still haven’t deigned to grace my TV screen with his appearance, but the latest Glee episode brought plenty of Chris Colfer and Kurt Hummel goodness. Which should be enough, but not really. There should never be Kurt Hummel without Dave Karofsky from now on.



I am not going to bother with a full episode review, because I think I do that enough in my other blog already. However, after seeing the latest episode, Sexy, and still feeling the sting of some of Blaine’s comments, I do need to declare something.

So, Blaine Anderson doesn’t think Kurt Hummel is sexy, huh?

Well, clearly Mr. Dapper has never seen this:

Yes, baby penguins are sexy.

Deal with it.

My TV screen needs more Dave Karofsky

I never thought the day would come when I finally say this. Granted, I have been waxing poetic on Max Adler’s mad acting skills in the past few posts, but I still didn’t think I would actually say this. I’m going to say it, though, even at the risk of sounding overly dramatic: I miss Dave Karofsky, Glee’s resident bully and Kurt Hummel’s tormentor.

It’s been three episodes since the epic 11th episode of Glee, “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle”, and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Karofsky. I’m also hearing rumors he won’t be in the next one either. I don’t exactly know how the Murphy-Falchuk-Brennan collective brain works, but I somehow find that the continued absence of Dave Karofsky after such a thrilling episode in which he is the central character complete and utterly perplexing.

YES, I know he’s just a minor character. YES, I know he’s still very much the villain at this point. YES, I know that there are other storylines that need to be explored.

But can I help it if I find that my screen now looks a bit dull without this ‘colorful’ character on it?

Perhaps I was spoiled by the 11th episode. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect that Glee‘s biggest episode to date (big, as in “big budgeted, big scaled, big number of viewers”) would be a Dave Karofsky-centric episode. It came as a surprise to me that half the show (this episode was close to 50 minutes long in total, sans commercial; 10 minutes longer than a regular episode) was all about the bully. It was also shocking that Karofsky got to sing (a little) and dance (a lot). Whenever the camera would zoom in on him, I dropped my jaw in fascination. At that time, the trio of creators seemed really, in all seriousness, developing the character’s story. It was as if they were saying, “Hey look! We just added a new dimension to this character and we want you, Karofsky haters, to change their minds about him.” Even if his background story was not really told, you could clearly see that there was more to the ‘ham hock’ than just brawn and bluster. And, judging from the massive amount of Tweets saying “I now feel sorry for Karofsky” and “poor Karofsky; I hope he gets redeemed” which led to Karofsky being a worldwide trending topic during the episode, it looks like they succeeded with the mission.

Let me tell you at this point how immensely proud I am of Max Adler for nailing not just one or two scenes, but the whole episode. But that is, of course, to be expected. I’ve already written once about how I think he is a good actor, so no wonder he did well here. Kudos anyway, Mr. Adler, for the a job well done.

Naturally after such an episode of huge importance like that, I expected him to be included in the next few ones as well. So when he wasn’t, I was disappointed. The first time Karofsky failed to show up in the V-day episode, I sighed. The second time he failed to show up in the pointless episode that was “Comeback”, I started to get angry. Really angry. And finally, when he didn’t show up, drunk or otherwise, in the one before this hiatus, I am just plain desperate. That’s been three weeks… no, almost a month, without any sneer, frown or growl of David Karofsky. And I’m like an addict who hasn’t gotten her fix and doesn’t know what to do with myself.

Sure, I distracted myself with other awesome shows like Being Human (UK) and Hawaii Five-0, and stalking Max Adler on his Twitter, hoping against hope that he would say something like, “I’m coming back on the show… and I’m having a scene with @ChrisColfer!” Alas, no such luck. He’s in fact only giving out maddening teasers or talking to Chris about Adele.

(That is particular Tweetversation was admittedly rather cute. And I get that Adele is great and amazing, but is Adele going to make Karofsky come back on my screen? I think not.)

Not even the epic awesomeness of Russell Tovey’s George Sands, or Scott Caan’s Danny Williams and Daniel Dae Kim’s Chin Ho Kelly could make me miss Karofsky less. And not even hovering between lust and hate for Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett could erase my longing for a slushie scene (just one! Is that too much to ask?) If any, I feel like doing a Kono and go all major badass girl on Murphy, Brennan and Falcuk for not immediately continuing Karofsky’s story. Or, you know, bite their neck, werewolf-style, a la George.

Because I’m not sure about you but I really am curious to know about the following:
1. Is he truly a better character now after doing the halftime show in Episode 11, or has he reverted back to his douchey ways?
2. Is he going to sing or dance again? Ever? If yes, will he join the glee club?
3. Is he ever going to ask for Kurt’s forgiveness and will he be forgiven?
4. Is he going to come out of the closet or, at the very least, figure out who and what he is?
5. Is his new attitude will be a catalyst for Kurt’s transferring back to McKinley? (But this is another topic altogether -I just want to know in general whether Kurt is transferring back to McKinley High, with or without any association to Dave’s storyline.)

Too many questions, not enough answers. And I, on principle, don’t put too much stock on spoilers simply because they make my head hurt and lower the level of entertainment of the show for me. And I also hate that the only thing I can do is sit here and wait until Karofsky comes back.

Well, that’s not true, isn’t it? I can also rant on my blog and whinge about the lack of Karofsky… because I can. Because it needs to be said. If I could write a letter to the creators of the show, I would.


Dear Sirs,

Please return Dave Karofsky to the show and on my TV screen. ASAP. And seeing as there’s already an excess of Blaine, I think it’s only fair that you now give us an excess of Dave Karofsky. Besides, you have an excellent talent playing him at your disposal that hundreds (if not thousands) fangirls squee over. Why must you cut back on his screentime?

Please start making sense and have mercy on our curious souls. I look forward to your prompt action. Thank you for your understanding.

Desperately yours,
Karofsky’s Supporter

I don’t think that would do anyone any good, but, well, it did feel good letting that out.

Now I think I’ve ranted enough. I shall go back to my little corner in the Interwebz and read Kurtofsky fanfics to appease my curiosity/longing for some Karofsky. (Also, dear fanfic writers, thank you for filling the void. You have helped me cope during this time of complete and total absence of Dave Karofsky on my screen. You rock.) I’m going to leave now with one last picture of Max. Because the world needs more of him, too.

PS. If anyone is reading this and is into Being Human and H50, do drop a message. I may need a friend to squee over Russell Tovey (and George Sands) and bromance of Steve/Danno/Chin Ho.

Gleeks and Other Rising Stars in Total Film Indonesia (Issue 16)

Watch out, people! The newest issue of Total Film Indonesia magazine, with two different types of cover (one featuring The Adjustment Bureau, and another featuring I Am Number Four), is out… and it’s chock full of features on today’s hottest young Hollywood stars.

First of all, can I just say that I managed to successful plug in Chris Colfer’s script, Struck By Lightning, in the Buzz section of the magazine? Yeah, I’m quite proud of this. I did that for Chris… not that he needs any more publicity, but I think any news about him writing that movie should be spread out as many times and to as many people as possible. This should show serious moviegoers that a Gleek is not just a Gleek… but he’s also a budding filmmaker!

Secondly, I wrote three interview articles of the main stars of I Am Number Four.

This is a snapshot of the ‘proof prints’ before they went to the printing company; I was working on the spellcheck with my friend at a restaurant.

My history with these three actors are somewhat different, which is interesting because I think my level of ‘favoritism’ for them had changed since I first discovered them. Alex Pettyfer was the one I discovered first (through his debut movie, Stormbreaker, in which he played Ewan McGregor’s nephew). I used to like him so much (let’s face it, he’s very good-looking), but since he hadn’t been playing in any movies until now, I had very little reason to continue liking him. I wish he would step up his game soon… and I think he will, although I admit that I’m now more interested in the female stars of Number Four.

Do you Tweet?
No and I’m not on Facebook and I don’t blog. To keep in touch with friends I do normal stuff like calling or texting.
Alex Pettyfer on the issue of social networking (Total Film Indonesia, Issue 16, March 2011)

On the other hand, I didn’t find out Teresa Palmer until last year, when she appeared as Jay Baruchel’s on-screen love interest in The Magician’s Apprentice. However, it turned out that I’m more interested to see where her career is going because she seems to be taking her job very seriously. From the interview, I could tell she’s not in Hollywood to try and aim to be “The It Girl”… she wants to play in good movies, taking good roles and working with good filmmakers. I wish her all the best of luck.

“I think there are a lot of strong female characters coming up in these films. And it’s nice; it’s definitely a shift from what we’ve seen in the past, with it typically being a male star who is the action star or the hero of the movie. I love it, and I think women are going to really respond well to it too. It’s like we are tough; we go through some of the hardest things in life and we have to give birth! Men don’t have to go through that experience. We are tough; it’s ingrained in us and it’s nice that film is starting to really appreciate women in that way.” – Teresa Palmer on the role of strong women in films and all around girl power (Total Film Indonesia, Issue 16, March 2011)

Sometime between discovering those two, I discovered Dianna Agron, who is of course one of the stars of Glee. Now, here’s the thing about Dianna: she’s very pretty. She has great tastes, bordering on the edgy, and she seems like a nice person who is less of a diva than Lea Michele. But she just doesn’t have that wide a range of acting. She seems to know how to play one thing and one thing only: the pretty high school girl in a “boy meets girl” story. That does not bode well for her career. Getting typecast after only having 2 major roles in a TV series and a movie? Hmm… But I like Ms. Agron. I wish her all the best of luck, too.

“I think anything fantasy-based. I would love to do something like Lord of the Rings or a Tim Burton film. I fell in love with Narnia and all the Hobbit books when I was a kid; that’s what got me interested in reading and got me interested in stories and characters and things like that. So a role along those lines would be fabulous. – Dianna Agron on what characters she wants to play (Total Film Indonesia, Issue 16, March 2011)

“Both production teams were so nice about it. What I did basically was rehearse with the tour, then I went to Pittsburgh for a couple of days for a rehearsal. I went back to the tour, finished the tour, and then the next day I was on a plane and started shooting. Then, right as soon as I was done, I went back and started the season. So there wasn’t any down time, but I like that, and especially since I was playing such a different character, it really didn’t matter.” – Dianna Agron on managing her time between I Am Number Four and Glee (Total Film Indonesia, Issue 16, March 2011)

Well, I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for this excellent issue of TFI. I’m not only saying this because I wrote half the feature articles in it, but the ‘original issue’ from the UK was also an excellent one. It’s all about book-to-movie adaptations, so if you’re a bookworm and a movie geek like me, this issue will please you very, very much. You can buy the magazine in all major bookstores in Indonesia.

Soundbyte: Elton John’s Thoughts on Chris Colfer

“When that boy Chris Colfer won from Glee and he made that little speech and it was very concise and he said, you know, about the bullying and things and I think that was the message I really loved.”Elton John on Chris Colfer’s Golden Globes speech

So this is what Colfer meant when Giuliana Rancic of E! asked him about people’s reaction to his Golden Globe speech. Ellen sent him flowers and Elton John gave him a Youtube message. Lovely.

You can watch the video here or below:

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Chris Colfer, Max Adler and Photogenic Compatibility

All right. Whatever doubts I had about Chris Colfer and Max Adler’s on-screen/on-camera compatibilities (and, by extension, Kurt Hummel and Dave Karofsky’s potential as a better-looking, more smashing hot couple than Kurt and Blaine)  just flew out of the window this morning and killed themselves on the pavement below that window, thanks to this picture from the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

(Photo credit: AP Photo,

What’s funny about this picture is that Max Adler looks to be the neater one between the two. Chris Colfer looks more casual and laid back (and his tie looked a bit untidy) and less like the beautiful pale white ghost that he was at the Golden Globes. They’re both really sweet together and they seem to make each other look really good… or perhaps it’s just the suits. (I love how Adler chose something silver instead of black, by the way.) The last time I saw them posing for a picture together was in Halloween, while they were decked in their Halloween costumes, so that photo didn’t really inspire a lot of squee from a (now former) Kurtofsky non-believer. This photo, however…

All I’m saying is, there’s a selling point here. If the Glee producers were worried they wouldn’t be able to ‘market’ a pairing like Kurt Hummel and Dave Karofsky together, they would be wrong. Both Colfer and Adler are already great actors, but now that we know they look good standing side by side and posing as if this was a picture taken of their wedding 10 years into their characters’ future, they are now great actors whose image can be ‘sold’ to convince the audience that their pairing would work.

Or maybe that’s just me. Or maybe that’s just the suits. Whoever dressed these young men should be given a pat in the back and a handshake full of kudos.