Richard Armitage’s Hannibal Experience: A Conversation in Three Acts – Act III


Originally posted in All Film website as
Richard Armitage di Serial Hannibal: Perbincangan Tiga Babak – Babak III.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Hannibal S3.

Actor Richard Armitage speaks to All Film magazine about his character, Francis Dolarhyde, in Hannibal TV series. Continued from Act II. This is the third and final part.

Act III: Fans and Fullerverse

Bryan Fuller is said to be a collaborative showrunner. Is that what you experienced?

Yeah, I mean, it was one of the highlights of the experience for me. Any ideas I was sharing with him, he absolutely took on board and absorbed into creating of the episodes. But also a lot of the time, we’d email more or less at the same moment, and I would be asking for something at the same time that he was offering exactly the same thing, so we were very in tune with each other. There were very few occasions – I can’t even think of one occasion – where I disagreed with a choice that he was making and everything that I was given to say, everything that I was given to do, or where, just felt completely appropriate. And you know, when  those things were all in place, you can work in a way where you think, “Well, what about if we go here?” and I can jump a little bit higher, I can go further, and so that was exactly what happened.

You joined social media last year. How are you enjoying it? Meanwhile Hannibal has a very huge, loyal and active fanbase in social media. Have you heard from them?

Yeah. I mean, one of the reasons why I think I’m enjoying it is because I know at some point, for me, it will all come to an end. When I’m not an actor anymore,  I will no longer be on social media. So it does have a finite kind of time limit…

But in terms of engaging with fans and talking to fans and, you know, rolling out a television show, I love what the Hannibal writers do and the way that the DeLaurentiis Company works… And the way that Bryan works is that he engages with the fans all the way through the series and you can feel the rise in excitement for the episodes. I feel that it’s really important because television is such a changing medium in the way that people consume it. And the networks are fighting so hard to get the people to sit down at certain time on a certain day and watch, so social media’s the way of doing that. Even though I still feel like it’s failing because, uh, you know, the show is  no longer to be on NBC unfortunately.

Now you’ve done both television shows and films. Hannibal looks like a movie at times. How does it feel to work on a TV show that has a film quality?

It’s one of the reasons why I picked up the phone and just said yes to Bryan. No matter how good an actor is, if they’re placed in a playground that’s poorly made, the actor is reduced to the level of the show. I’ve been in ALL kinds of places like that. You know, I’ve worked on daytime television at times …

(A loud musical noise – like the beginning a song – suddenly starts blaring in the background.)

And I’ve watched that stuff back and I think, “Well, I’m not a very good actor, am I?” And then you get to play in all of the…

(Armitage pauses for a beat due to the sound and then chuckles in confusion, which causes the interviewer to also laugh.)

Uh. What happened?

(He laughs again for a little bit more at the interruption and then jumps straight back into his answer, with great emphasis on some of his next few words.)

Then you get to play in Bryan Fuller’s universe, which is incredibly beautiful to look at, it’s sumptuous, it’s cinematic, it’s lit beautifully, the soundscape is incredible and you just think, “If I could get to work in that world, then my work is elevated.” So I was very excited about that.


* Francis Dolarhyde’s will continue on Hannibal episode 9 on Sunday, 2 August 2015 and will last until the end of season 3. In Asia, Hannibal is on every Sunday, 9 PM (JKT/BKK) on AXN Asia.

I posted the English version of this unabridged interview with Richard Armitage for the sake of international readers who don’t read Indonesian. You may post this interview and its subsequent parts in your website, but it is necessary to credit me as “Amanda Aayusya/All Film Magazine” and link to All Film’s version (Act 1 in Indonesian | Act 2 in Indonesian | Act 3 in Indonesian) when you post the interview. Otherwise, you can simply link back here (Act 1 in English | Act 2 in English | Act 3 in English).

Apologies in advance; I do not want any translation into another language without permission. Please ask for permission first. Linking back is not enough in a translated article.

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  3. Thank you for the terrific interview and your kindness in taking the time to translate it for us who don’t speak your language.

    • It was my pleasure. The translation part is the easy part – the interview is in English so all I had to do is post my own transcript of it. That’s why I had the idea to do the unabridged version. But anyway, thanks for reading until the end. Your little notes about the interviews in the reblogs are a joy to read, too.

  4. Dear Amanda,

    Thanks a lot for this very intensive and detailed script of interview, we did enjoy it and appreciate your work.

    We are devoted to introduce the works of Mr. Richard Armitage to audiences in China, so more people could get to know him as an excellent actor.

    The purpose of this message is to ask if you would offer us permission to translate your full English version of this interview into Chinese so that fans in China get a chance to learn the insightful ideas of Mr. Armitage?

    Full credit will be given to you and the All Film Magazine, we will attach original link, and of course you have all rights over this piece of work.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.



    • Hello there, thanks so much for leaving this message.

      Of course you have permission to translate this work into Chinese. I’m happy to have this interview reach a wider audience in the world. And since I have seen your work before, I trust that you will do a great job translating this.

      But I do sincerely ask for you to break down the interview into 3 parts as well, translate the introduction bits at the beginning of each part (including this long one from Act I) and the titles of each parts. Also, link backs to this blog and All Film’s website will be much appreciated. Sorry for these fussy requests, just want to make sure the tone of the interview and articles are preserved.

      Many thanks again for your interest! Happy translating. Let us know when it’s done so we can all take a look at your work.

      Cheers and gratitude,

      • Thanks Amanda, we are glad to have your permission and the great honor to translate this interview for the Chinese fans. I know some of them have read the English version and they all speak highly of your work!

        For sure, we will follow all your ideas and link back to this blog and the All Film website.

        It’s very pleasant to know that you have seen our work and like it. Our latest work is posted on Weibo (, you are welcome to view all of them, including this one when it’s done.

        Have a good one.


    • I felt a little twinge of pain when he said those words as well, however he sounded very ‘jokey’ about it. So I think we can all be sure that his retirement will not come anytime soon! Thanks for reading and your feedback is much appreciated.

  5. Hello! This is RCArmitager_CN (RA’s Chinese fansub site). We believe Chinese fans must be very excited to see this marvelous interview, so we were wondering whether you would give us permission to translate this interview into Chinese and share it with Chinese RA fans on our Chinese website. Full credit will be given to you w/ a link to your Twitter page and your blog. Thank you so much in advance and we look forward to hearing from you. Have a good day!

    Our twitter:
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    • Hello there! Thanks for your message.

      I’m glad to give you permission for translation, as I want every fan in the world to enjoy the interview with Richard Armitage. There are however a few things to be observed as below.

      For your translation, please break down the interview into 3 parts as well AND translate the introduction bits at the beginning of each part (including the long opening from Act I). The titles of each Act (“In the Mind of a Serial Killer” etc.) must also be translated.

      I don’t mind you not linking to my Twitter at all. But please link back to this blog and All Film’s website (links to All Film’s articles are available inside each part at the bottom).

      Sorry if my requests are difficult and fussy but I just want to make sure the tone of the interview, and the tone of the articles, to be totally preserved.

      Once again, thanks so much for your interest. I hope you enjoy translating it and sharing with the Chinese readers. Let us know when you’re done where we can read your translation! Cheers!

      Much appreciation from me,

      • Hello Amanda!

        Here is our translated version of the interview Our Chinese readers absolutely love this interview; one commented, “conveys a very vivid picture of RA being horrified by watching Hannibal.” Thanks again for giving us permission to translate it.^O^

        We followed your requests exactly, except that the description was split into two posts (we posted the first part and then reposted the first post w/ the second part on top of it), as each Weibo post is limited to 140 characters. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

        With sincere thanks,

  6. Thank you so much for this interview, the tone of it made it perfectly clear that Richard Armitage was really comfortable during this conversation and that´s what makes it heartwarming and so enjoyable to read. I really love it, great job!! :-)))

    • He sounded quite relaxed, despite the late hour (he was in Canada, I suspect in the nighttime), and I was really amazed at how enthusiastic he still sounded. We were really lucky in this session; he’s just a wonderful interviewee. So I’m happy that you managed to get an impression of his ‘mood’ through this written interview because it really was fun for all of us involved. Thank you for reading.

  7. Hi Amanda,

    It has been a great enjoyment and honor to translate this beautiful piece of work, and it is so detailed and informative that we chose to use this as one of our Hannibal review interviews. We have all seen the finale where Richard offered such incredible performance, and this interview help our followers to go back and relate what he talks in your interview with his portrayal of Francis Dolarhyde.

    The whole interview was translated and posted in our Weibo page, following your idea, we did the translation in 3 Acts as well, including the introductions, and we posted all the links to this blog and the All Film website. Due to the character limitation, we did 2 reposts so all the links were attached.
    I can tell for sure the fans, including us, love your work so much for it leads to the unique way that he interprets and portrays the character, and the introduction is totally amazing, it not boring at all! We do hope to see more wonderful works from you with Richard.

    We also have followers on Twitter (, would you give the permission to share the Chinese version of this interview with our Twitter followers? We will follow the same request to link back to your blog and the All Film site.

    BTW, we are so surprised to discover the soundbites you post on the soundcloud! Thanks for sharing such great materials! We are now all waiting for the release of Hannibal DVD with Richard’s commentary.


    • Amazing! You too did a great job in translating and presenting the interview for the Mandarin-speaking fans. Thanks for all your great work! I’m so pleased to hear that you not only enjoyed Richard’s performance but that you were also able to link back to his interview to further understand the character he was playing.

      Because I also had a great time working on this interview as a whole (from the first transcript to editing the soundbites — thanks for listening on Soundcloud!), I’m also happy to hear that you found enjoyment in working on the translation as well.

      You can share the links to your translations freely. As long as your translations carry the links back to All Film and my blog, Tweets don’t have to contain link backs (although All Film would surely love that, I’m 100% sure).

      Congratulations on a job well done. Thank you for being willing to ask permission for the translation as well; you have been very professional throughout.

      Let’s hope we won’t have to wait too long for Hannibal S3 on home video.

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