The Week of the Five Finales

Saying goodbye to the best of television… for now!


Three months ago I never though I would arrive at this point: the week where five of the TV shows that I’m following will have their season finale… Broadchurch. Sleepy Hollow. Marvel’s Agent Carter. How to Get Away with Murder. They are all ending and will soon be leaving me with the biggest post-dramatic withdrawal syndrome ever.

(But I wonder why did they all have to end in the same week. I’m convinced the TV gods are punishing me.)

SPOILER ALERT: This entry contains spoiler of the finales of every show reviewed. Please proceed with caution.

Broadchurch S2


As I’ve already said before, Broadchurch second series is not the same kind of gripping tale that the first series was but I was still pretty engrossed by it. Episode 7 of S2 from last week left us with a cliffhanger. It ended just before Joe Miller received his guilty-or-not-guilty verdict. And… he was found not guilty. And of course the look of devastation on everyone’s faces but his lawyer’s was the most gut-twisting moment in the entire series. Even though I’ve guessed it coming, I still felt being slapped on the face for that verdict.

But see, this is why I love Broadchurch. It’s not just a mystery thriller, it’s not just a courtroom drama… but it’s also a pretty f*cking great human story as well. The winning moment of the finale was when Ellie and the Latimers and their friends from this small beach town got together and ran Joe out of town. They even put him inside the taxi that would take him away to parts unknown. So in the end the town of Broadchurch still came out as the winner. Not Joe, not his annoying lawyer, but the family and friends of the victim. That’s why I stuck around for the entire season that many others said was not all that great.

In other news, the Sandbrook case met its conclusion. Who killed Pippa and Claire? Well, there were two killers and an accomplice, who all got arrested. Not naming names, but I’m pretty sure you can all guess who they are. This ending for me is very satisfying and wholly appropriate (Digital Spy is more ambivalent; if you have doubts, this tries to answer them) and this series just underlines what we’ve already known since last year: Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy are the best on-screen partners-in-justice anyone will ever know.

Will Broadchurch return for S3? Yes. The show itself confirmed it by saying “Broadchurch” will return. I hope the main arc will be “who killed Joe Miller?”

Sleepy Hollow S2


Here’s another show whose sophomore season wasn’t greatly reviewed. Sleepy Hollow admittedly stumbled a lot throughout season 2 and there were times when I feared that the show would not bounce back from lower level of dramatic hells it fell into. However, the penultimate episode from last week provided us with a new twist worth waiting for. When Lt. Abbie Mills was thrown back to the past as she tried to stop a Katrina Crane that turned evil, I cheered for her. That was a brilliant move. One of the best things about season 1 was how Ichabod was a fish out of the water and his attempts at adjustment to modern life provided the biggest sparks in the show. So now that the situation is reversed with Abbie going to the past? Things got a lot more interesting.

I didn’t want this finale to end because Abbie being in the past was just so much fun. The time travel aspect could potentially ruin the future – or the present, depending on how you view it – that we know but the writers came up with a brilliant solution to that. Which is MAGIC! Magic wipes any possible inconsistencies, paradoxes or plot holes that might appear. And since this was told to us by Benjamin Franklin, well, we do kind of buy it. Franklin’s appearance brought one of the biggest joys in the finale, because he proclaimed Abigail Mills as the embodiment of the American dream. Another great joy was seeing Abbie ‘reunited’ with her ancestor, Grace Dixon, who ended up helping her go back to the future. And everything about Ichabod Crane was aces in this last episode of season 2.

And so the witch is dead. Katrina Crane met her gruesome end in this series. Her death scene went by rather too quickly but it was already dramatic enough. I think it was a fitting ending to the character. I felt that Katrina’s physical presence in Ichabod’s present life dragged the story down a bit, because the writers never managed to strike a good balance for her character. It was disappointing because I thought she was great in the first season… perhaps it was also because her and Ichabod’s family drama got in the way of Fighting the Monsters of the Apocalypse scheme that made Sleepy Hollow a fun show. Anyway, she’s gone and I can only be satisfied with this ending.

Will Sleepy Hollow return for S3? Unsure. It’s the one question the finale didn’t answer, said io9.

Agent Carter S1


Here goes the second show with James D’Arcy in it… James D’Arcy fans must be wallowing right now. I certainly did. Edwin Jarvis is officially my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe and throughout the entire season he has proven to be one of the best things this show can have. In episode 7, Jarvis tried to come to Peggy’s rescue, only to be thwarted by Chief Dooley’s insistence that all is still not right. Then Chief Dooley himself was murdered by Leviathan’s Dr. Ivchenko who used a piece of Howard Stark’s technology before instigating a massacre at the cinema with another Stark tech that turned people on one another. It’s now up to Peggy Carter to save the day!

And she did save the day… wonderfully so. Hayley Atwell has always been so assured in her performance as Agent Carter that she can do wrong. Sadly, the finale was a just a little bit too focused on her presumed dead sweetheart, Captain America. That’s not entirely bad, of course, because Agent Carter has always been about how Peggy picks up her life after losing Steve. Yes, it’s also a noir spy show with plenty of comic book-esque action, but it’s really about female empowerment during times of personal crisis. Peggy’s personal crisis was missing someone who meant a lot to her, who could have potentially be her lover and even husband, and the fact that she never got to say goodbye. Now, after the events of the finale, Peggy has finally seemingly closed the book on Steve, so that’s important for the character.

But as fun as it was bringing in Arnim Zola into the story – no matter how brief – took the focus away from Peggy. I get that Marvel wants to tease what happens in the future, but I wasn’t ready to see a HYDRA connection in this show. Maybe I could change my mind after viewing the finale again but right now I say it should be Peggy Carter’s time to shine.

Will Agent Carter return for S2? I hope so! So does Forbes. But we still don’t know if ABC is going to renew it… Let’s cross our fingers.

Wolf Hall


I was not going to watch Wolf Hall‘s finale until next week. But then someone on Twitter convinced me to do it. So I compromised by skim watching the last two episodes (that is, I watched by fast forwarding 10 minutes ahead after a scene is finished). To my surprise, I still find that the story is gripping right until the end. We all know what happens at the end of this miserable story. Anne Boleyn gets decapitated after being charged with treason. Because Henry VIII is a ruthless womanizer who can’t keep it in his pants.

Or at least, that’s how he is depicted in Wolf Hall. Then again, I did wonder when Anne was going to get decapitated. Claire Foy’s Anne Boleyn is one of the best portrayals of the character I’ve seen but I really couldn’t wait to see her how her execution was… err, executed. She made theBoleyn girl a fascinatingly complex character but, in the end, I just wanted to see how she died.And that scene was extremely well done (I was glued to the monitor for the entire scene) but the last shot of the finale was even better. It was of Thomas Cromwell gazing in a cold, flat, hard look into the camera… giving you no clue as to what he’s thinking – whether good, bad, benign or evil – and prickles your skin with it.

Mark Rylance wins all the awards with that stare. The ensemble cast is stellar and the production design is stupendous, but it was Cromwell that made me stay. Not even Hilary Mantel’s original novels could captivate me the way this BBC production could, because Rylance’s performance was the one thing that convinced me to stay and watch. And, let’s face it, Cromwell looks great in ALL of his period caps and hats!

Will Wolf Hall return for S2? Most probably. Hilary Mantel still needs to publish the third book in the Cromwell trilogy.


How to Get Away With Murder S1


Let’s get right to it. Who killed Lila Standgard? If you thought it was Sam Keating, then you were correct. But in a twist that even I couldn’t predict, Sam sent a hit man to take care of it: Frank. So, if you thought it was Frank, you were also correct. But let’s be honest, who thought of it?! I certainly didn’t.

Before we got to that shocking point, HTGAWM teased the ending by inserting a case about a murdered priest in the two-episode finale. The case is really just a filler, a way to prolong the suspense, which was effective because we were kept on the edge of our seat. It was annoying, an obvious trick, and if this show wasn’t so brilliantly written, I’d have cursed at it. But I enjoyed the ride and was rewarded with the craziest finale I’ve seen this week.

Crazy, because the revelation of Lila’s murderer wasn’t the only shocking that happened. The following also happened:

  • Michaela broke it off with Aiden through Aiden’s mother. I don’t like Michaela but I respected her in that moment.
  • Laurel had found Michaela’s lost engagement ring and kept it to keep Michaela from going to the police. She’s one cunning b*tch and I’m glad for it.
  • Oliver is HIV positive and he is breaking my and Connor’s heart.
  • Wes betrayed Rebecca, tied her up and brought her to Annalise. They kept Rebecca in the basement but then Rebecca ‘ran away’. But the last shot of the season was of Rebecca… dead. Dead in a dark corner of Annalise’s basement. With Frank and Annalise sort of trying to figure out if one or the other killed her. And she’s dead.

It’s official: How to Get Away with Murder was the craziest show this season and I can’t wait for more.

Will How to Get Away with Murder return for S2? Yes, yes, yes. YES.

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