Marvel’s Avengers Age Of Ultron First Look


After yesterday’s panel of Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron debuted (descriptions here), I looked at the film stills released by Marvel on Entertainment Weekly.

aou-ew-stills-01 aou-ew-stills-02 aou-ew-stills-03 aou-ew-stills-04

The first picture should be the scene where they were hanging out and trying to lift Mjolnir. There’s Mjolnir right there. Also, even just by looking at the picture, I can sense the strong ‘brofeel’. (And it is good to see Don Cheadle there. I was hoping he’d be in the panel yesterday…)

I can’t even fathom what the second picture indicates, but the third picture makes me happy. I really like seeing them in costume because somehow Joss Whedon and Marvel always make them work in the story. That they are not just characters who dress differently because they’re unique and powerful, but because there’s a story behind their getup. Cap is back to his colorful star and stripes too, and I appreciate that. Although, I’m hoping Thor’s armor gets a little less summer-y… he probably just wants to show off his arms but I like it better when the armor has long sleeves.

The third one, though? I am not going to lie but at the moment I will say that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver is still better. His hair, for one, is a lot nicer to look at than Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s hair in this one. The bit available in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier after-credit scene was intriguing but it’s not like we get to see him being Pietro Maximoff in entirety… it’s really hard or me to expect anything without seeing more. And the X-Men: DOFP version of Quicksilver was a real highlight in any summer movie I’ve seen this year so it will be very hard to top that.

From the way everyone talks about, the one thing that really makes me curious is the Hulkbuster armor. Hopefully soon we will get to see that. Of course, we will all appreciate the first look of James Spader’s Ultron.

A side note on fan expectations and differences of the MCU films from the comic books… I don’t get it. I see vitriol poured by some fans over the announcement of the cast and characters of Ant-Man and I am baffled.

Why would anyone want to say Marvel is uncool for having one Van Dyne but not the other Van Dyne? Just because you have expectations for Hank Pym to appear with Janet Van Dyne, it doesn’t mean Marvel can’t change their game. Why anyone would want to see the exact same thing as we already saw in the comic books, it’s beyond me. After 10 movies, it’s quite clear by now that Marvel Studios films that are a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe do not operate in the same universe as the comic books and that many characters have different back stories and whatnot. It’s the way it’s been done, it’s the way Marvel Studios operate, it’s the reason why their fans flock to the cinemas and watch the movies. It doesn’t make sense for any comic book fan to get on a high horse and say, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.” Marvel can’t do it wrong because they’re Marvel Studios working on Marvel properties and stories and characters.

It’s one thing to worry about the tonal changes of the film because Edgar Wright (and then Patrick Wilson) left the production. But it’s another thing to hate on them before anyone sees anything concrete. They haven’t even started filming the film yet – and I am willing to bet money that they haven’t even finished casting (or re-casting) some characters yet. Judging them before seeing anything is only going to make you look stupid is all I’m saying.

If I hear one more complaint about how it’s wrong for Tony Stark to create Ultron, instead of Hank Pym, I will personally challenge that person to not go to the cinema and stay home when the movie comes out, while the rest of us go out and have fun at the movies. You don’t like that Tony Stark created Ultron? Then don’t watch it. And kindly stop forcing your opinions on other people.



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