Peter Dinklage: “I owe Sophie Turner ten dollars now.”


One of the best things I’ve experienced this year was going to Singapore and meeting Peter Dinklage, Hugh Jackman and Fan Bingbing at the X-Men: Days Of Future Past press junket in Singapore, 14-15 May 2014. I was there to cover the blue carpet event, as well as watch and review the movie, and participate in face-to-face interviews.

Now, those interviews will be published in the magazine, and they are riddled with spoilers, so I’m not going to write them here and spoil them for you. (Both Dinklage and Jackman implored us journalists not to write any spoilers so I’m partly respecting their wishes and partly not being a jerk in general.) However, there are some key highlights from my conversation with Peter Dinklage that may be of interest to some people so I’m putting them here. These highlights are, of course, non-spoilery about DOFP because what do you know? It’s about Game Of Thrones.

Funnily enough, I steered clear from any GoT-related topics (it was in the brief that was given to us by the studio: “please do not ask questions related to any other film/TV series outside of X-Men: Days Of Future Past”.) Nobody is expected to obey that rule fully, but in the case of Mr. Dinklage, I didn’t even have to bring it up myself before the great actor himself dropped the series’ name into conversation. As he said, “I only speak about that because I have more history with it.” Far be it from me to stop him from speaking about it.

I even managed to ‘connect’ another one of my interviews to him. I did a phoner with Sophie Turner a while ago, in which the young Miss Turner practically shipped Tyrion and Sansa. So I mentioned this to Mr. Dinklage and got a great answer from him! It really doesn’t matter what movie you’re promoting – Game Of Thrones will win and it will not die.

Here are the highlights…

Was that your real hair in X-Men: Days Of Future Past?

Yes, it was. It’s all me with a lot of product. i do that TV show, Game Of Thrones, where my character has longer hair. I can’t grow it back fast enough for the next season so I keep it long while we’re doing that TV show until anything changes. I walked up to the make-up and hair trailer of the X-Men movie and they were, like, “Perfect! We’re just gonna go…” and they went crazy with it. They made it look quite ’70s. There was a hard turtle shell on top of my head with that amount of product.

How do you deal with fan expectations? 

Sometimes they’re critical even before they’ve even seen something… which is, you know, I think they should pull the reins back a little bit and wait until they see for themselves, and hopefully they’ll be pleasantly surprised. The intere’s changed the whole game – everybody’s a critic about everything. I mean, especially with Game Of Thrones – I only speak about that because I have more history with it – the fans are lovely. They’re so loyal.

I want them to care. You should care. To be sort of like, [he makes a shrugging motion] “Yeah, it was OK”… passion is what drives us. We are passionate about the things that we do, so it’s great that the fans are as well. Apathy is like the devil to me. So [nonchalance] drives me crazy. Everything we do in life should be with passion. Maybe I wouldn’t order breakfast with too much passion but truly, I’ve always really-really really appreciated that. Whether it’s negative or positive, it’s coming from a place of care and love. And love of the material, being protective of the material. I’m protective of it as well, so I can really relate to why they would be the same way.

Are you going to San Diego Comic-Con this year (2014)?

I was there last year with [X-Men] and with Game Of Thrones. I might be taking the year off this year. It’ fun, it’s crazy, it’s getting bigger and bigger every year. But I might take the year off this year. We take turns with the cast of GoT, I think, because it’s a big cast and we take turns. It’s also tricky because we’re shooting at the same time. If I have to travel back… it takes a long time.

What was the weirdest experience with a fan you’ve ever encountered?

I have to say it was a little strange when a woman and her daughter approached me on the street and her daughter’s name is Sansa. She amed her after the character in Game Of Thrones. Wow, she must be real big fan. I understand when it’s like “Oh wow can I have a picture?” But when it’s like “I’m taking it to this level: I’m going to name my child after these characters”, it’s pretty deep. I’m not judging it but it’s just wow, you realize how deeply it runs for some people. That’s to be admired, I suppose.

Speaking of Sansa, I spoke to Sophie Turner on the phone a few months ago… 

So tall, isn’t she? She keeps growing.

…she said she was rooting for Tyrion.

Aww, really? I owe her 10 dollars now. Sophie’s the best! I had so much fun working with her. Unfortunately [he makes a sad face]… I mean, we work with one actor for a whole season and then we part way on our show because they die or you travel… yeah, so.


The complete interview will be available on Total Film Indonesia #55.


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