10 Things I Love About BBC’s The Musketeers (Part 2)


So D’Artagnan is a cheeky bastard, every week we get character development and shenanigans, the Cardinal and Treville rock my boat in Part 1… what else? Well, here comes the fun part.

Reasons 6-10 of why I love BBC’s The Musketeers

(and they are the best reasons of them all!)

Six. Catchy theme song.

Composed by Murray Gold. An absolute ear candy. I can’t get over it. Listen for yourself. (For complete opening title sequence, watch it on Vimeo.)

Seven. There’s no such thing as love at first sight!


Constance is married. The Queen is married. Milady de Winter is evil. Basically, women in this series are all very complex and no easy lay for the Musketeers.

One of the best things from this version of Constance is that she’s married, just like the original Dumas novel.  Tamla Kari’s character is definitely not your regular love-at-first-sight love interest for d’Artagnan the way Julie Delpy’s and Gabriella Wilde’s versions are for their respective d’Artagnans. In this recent BBC version, her being married means that they have to go through a whole lot of ordeal before they could be together, if they ever get together. For now, I find their friends-to-lovers dynamic very refreshing (at one point, Constance asked d’Artagnan for shooting and fencing lessons, which is sweet.)  With all the complications Constance brings to the table because of her marital status, they are certainly giving Athos and the Milady a run for their money.


Then Aramis just had to sleep with a married woman.

Who is The Queen.

I think Athos’ reaction to that affair represents my feelings very perfectly. It was: “THE QUEEN? REALLY?!”


No good will come out of this. No good will also come from Milady’s evil scheming so I see very little chance of reconciliation for Athos and Milady (not to mention, d’Artagnan had also slept with Milady). Meanwhile, Athos’ other love interest was exiled. And let’s not even get into Porthos’ complicated love life… even his affair with a widow was had a bittersweet ending.

The point is, these guys? They’re probably destined to be unmarried forever!

(Additionally, there are great female characters throughout the series. I won’t tell you who they are but you’ll see them if you watch them.)

Eight. There’s bromance!


Bromance is a key element to making any male-dominated show successful and thankfully The Musketeers have it in spades. It’s not always in the most obvious ways (and things don’t get slashy, although you can easily picture Athos/d’Artagnan having more than just senior/junior relationship. My personal favorite of the Slash Ship That Could from The Musketeers is Cardinal/Treville. Don’t even ask.)

The bromance that could (but probably wouldn't).

The bromance that could (but probably wouldn’t).

But Aramis is always very quick to defend Porthos and, even in their womanizing ways, they always look out for each other. They way they banter also implies a deep bond between these men. They believe the best of each other (although there were moments of doubt somewhere along the way, they still come back to that faith they have of each other) and they always support each other in whatever craziness they’re involved in. I say, that’s true brotherly love! And, for a show that hasn’t even once shouted “all for one and one for all so far” (after 9 episodes), you can readily tell that these guys really do have each other’s backs! That’s quite impressive.

Nine. All the costumes!


This being a costume period drama, the costume becomes very important. With The Musketeers, one cannot help but notice the wardrobe’s department excellent work in dressing up these characters. I’m the last person to ask about historical accuracy of the costumes, so that’s not the point of attraction here,  but whatever. My point is, they always have very nice costumes to wear – the Musketeers’ leather look is even nicer than the ones in Paul W.S. Anderson’s movie (plus, the BBC version has the distinct advantage of not having Milla Jovovich in her underwear). Oh, and, the blue cloaks? Gorgeous!

Of all the characters, Ryan Gage’s King Louis (officially my favorite version of King Louis in any Musketeer adaptation because Gage is so brilliant) is often the most flamboyant, rivaling even his wife. He got some competition from Marie de Medici but, really, Louis’ fashion sense keeps all the others on their toes! Meanwhile, Aramis makes me want to wear his feathered hat, Milady makes me want to wear corsets, and the Cardinal makes me want to not mess with men in priest robes…

Fancy Louis

Fancy Louis

the-musketeers-costume02-marie-de-medici-collar The Musketeers The Musketeers the-musketeers-costume06-milady-in-red

For more on The Musketeers’ costumes, visit the BBC site.

Ten. The behind-the-scenes videos are excellent time wasters…

The last, but definitely not least, thing I love about The Musketeers is the BTS videos that BBC puts up on their YouTube account. Some of them are so tongue-in-cheek, they are even more entertaining than the show itself. I thought my crush for Luke Pasqualino couldn’t be bigger, but then I saw the BTS about the special effects they use on set and… yes, you guessed it, my crush grew from the size of a grapefruit to the size of a wrecking ball.


Peter Capaldi: “Obviously I spent some time on the catwalks of Milan and Rome while I was training to be the cardinal.”


…and they have a special on beards.


Also, a trailer that objectifies the male of the show. Wow, BBC. Just… wow.


There are more, obviously. They can be found on the official website (Exclusive Videos) or in YouTube.

Now that I’ve listed all of my reasons for BBC’s The Musketeers, I will prepare myself for the season finale on Sunday. I think I’ll be emotional because I’m going to miss the show – and Capaldi’s Cardinal – very much. But it’s been renewed for a second series, which means I can begin to speculate about which new characters will appear on the show next time. Is S2 finally going to give us Rochefort? Duke of Buckingham? Err, Planchet? Well, whoever Adrian Hodges decides to put in series 2, and whatever he’s planning to do, I’m definitely on board with it! Hopefully you’ll be too.


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