Your Favorite Tale From Brothers Grimm

This month I’m writing an article for Total Film Indonesia about the legacy of Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales. There have been so many adaptations of the tales in cinema and television, as well as other media, and I’m going to cover the relevant ones to our entertainment today. They will, naturally, include the TV series Grimm on NBC and Once Upon A Time on ABC, among other things.

But now I am quite curious as to which Brothers Grimm fairy tale is nearest and dearest to everyone’s heart. There are so many of them and it’s probably impossible right now to choose every single one of them. But surely, among the popular ones, we have our own favorites.

Choose the one Brothers Grimm fairy tale that you like best below and comment with the reasons why you love it most.

If you don’t see your favorite Grimm tale there, or you wish to add another tale that you like to your favorites, please do not hesitate to comment.

See also: a complete list of Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales from Wikipedia.

Poll results will hopefully be able to be included in my article… and may the best fairy tale win!

5 thoughts on “Your Favorite Tale From Brothers Grimm

  1. I picked Little Red Riding Hood as my favorite. I don’t know why I picked that particular fairy tale, since I’m not a Grimms-fairy-tale-expert, but from all mentioned in the poll, I kind of like LRRH better. Maybe it’s the moral of the story that really got me. While most of the other tales (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, etc) seem to talk about the Princess and her Prince Charming, LRRH taught me things that really reflect people’s real life: you get an errand, you walk along a path, you get distracted by something, you forget your task, and then you get eaten by the evil wolf, end of story.

    I don’t know which ending does the Grimms’ LRRH have, whether the Red Riding Hood gets eaten by the wolf or not. But, that one ending where both Red Riding Hood and her grandmother got eaten was a pretty bleak picture of what someone could get if they didn’t do their job properly. I think that’s a very good lesson for anyone, really. (If they bother to learn from it. Lol.)

    • Thank you for voting.

      Your take on the moral of the story is very interesting, and I do kind of agree with it. Luckily, I’m not the type who likes to procrastinate or easily gets distracted by something so I think I’ve learned my lessons pretty well. *laughs*

      My favorite is also Red Riding Hood… but mostly because of its adventure factor. Her harrowing adventure with the big bad wolf is thrilling and it’s the one that stayed with me all these years. (It’s also the one Disney hasn’t drenched in complete and utter fluff). Naturally, since I love adventure stories, Hansel and Gretel is my second favorite tale from Grimm’s collection.

  2. My favorite isn’t on there. 😦 It’s called “the Juniper Tree”. Oh and also “The Musicians of Bremen”, and “the Magical Heart” all by the Brothers Grimm. I think the less known fairytales deserves more spotlight. It’s always Snow white, cinderella, red riding hood. -__-

    • I agree that the lesser known fairy tales deserve more spotlight but this poll was made for a very specific purpose and for a very specific target audience. Hence, the choice of more popular Grimm fairy tales. Great to know that there are those who also love the ‘obscure’ Grimm fairy tales, though.

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