Latest Livejournal update

I’m in Jakarta, Indonesia, and right now it’s 11.00 PM Western Indonesia time (we’re UTC/GMT +7).

In case anyone is wondering what’s the latest LJ situation now, you’d be happy to know that:
– The website is up and running; have been for 24 hours at least
– The website can be accessed while logged in (in my case, I used Google Chrome for browser on my PC and right now Safari on my Macbook)
– The website is still very buggy. Sometimes it loads slowly, sometimes it loads normally.
– Users have reported they are able to post comments and SHORT entries.
– Users have reported that they are unable to change/upload/edit userpics.
– Users have reported that they are unable to post/edit LONG entries. (If you’re there to post fanfiction, for example, like me, then you’ll be met with an error message.) So, for now, keep it short.

The existing problems have been acknowledged by Livejournal, as evidenced by their status page.

I highly recommend Dreamwidth if you’re impatient to post your long entries/fanfiction. Some of my fanfic communities in LJ have done so – they upload the long fanfic entry on Dreamwidth and then link back to it from LJ.

This may be my last entry about the Livejournal situation unless there’s something major/urgent going on again. Good luck with everything.