Livejournal, why so FAIL? – Another Update

Good morning, LJ users. Before we start with the situational updates, can I just ask if you were like me this morning? That is, were you elated seeing LJ’s status page and Twitter update that more or less says “the site has no problems anymore – welcome back!”… only to be crushed when you went on the site to do stuff (like, oh, I don’t know… LOG IN?!) and you can’t because the site was still very much not functioning for you? If you experienced this, I give you my utmost sympathy and I will hug you virtually until the end of time. I really know how that feels.

SO. Latest updates.

The website is still having problems:

[+] I tried logging in to Livejournal using FIREFOX:
– First time at 10.45 my time (my timezone is GMT +7) I got this message: Varnish Error 503 Service Unavailable. Please try refreshing the page. If the problem continues, please let our support team know.

– But I can’t even get to the Support section of the site.

– Next step: I cleared the cookies in FIREFOX, logged in, and it works for me but all the pages load VERY SLOWLY. I had to reload many times to get the full view of the pages.

[+] Then I tried logging in with CHROME:
– The pages load very slowly even logged out.

– I experimented trying to open the support section. When I tried to open the support section, I got this message: Varnish Error 503 Service Unavailable. Please try refreshing the page. If the problem continues, please let our support team know.

– I still can’t log in from CHROME. I can only load the pages while LOGGED OUT.

– I STILL CAN’T MAKE COMMENTS/POST REPLIES. There is something seriously wrong with their .bml thingie. I don’t know what .bml is but it’s just not working for me.

[+] At 11.15 (my timezone is UTC/GMT +7):
– I managed to submit support request after logging in via Firefox.
– I still sent e-mail to outlining the above problem.
– I have not yet received any replies.
– I saw someone else’s support request about how they haven’t been able to post anything in the last several days and this is Livejournal’s response:

The problem you are experiencing is related to the Distributed Denial of Service attack currently being experienced by LiveJournal. LiveJournal Staff is currently working with LiveJournal’s host to address this and limit the impact on users, however it is not known when service will be restored to normal.

While LiveJournal Staff are working to restore the site to normal operation, I recommend watching for updates.

[+] Finally, after realizing that the website is still screwing people over everywhere, just now Livejournal admits that there are still problems with the website:

LiveJournal Status

The site is currently up and mostly functional, but we’re not completely back. Pages may intermittently return Varnish Error 503 or fail to load for short periods of time. If you receive an error 503, or a page fails to load, refreshing the the page may work, and if that fails, waiting a few minutes and trying again can help. We’re still working hard to get everything back to normal.

Status Updated: 3:49 am GMT (Friday, July 29)

That’s your latest update. Make of that what you will. I’m seriously disappointed in them. They know their website is vulnerable against DDOS attacks – couldn’t they have done something to improve their system’s security? They’re an international company and blogging platform with global users. They should know better than to be lax about everything. I’m not going to entirely give up on them but this is very exhausting. Those who have been with Livejournal for many years (I’ve been there since 2003) deserve better service than what they’ve been giving us since 2009.

Seriously, Livejournal, I don’t hate you but… GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER.

Finally, remember: BREATHE.

EDIT 2.54 PM (UTC/GMT +7)
I just made two posts from Firefox and Chrome and they worked.
Post 1
Post 2
Post 3 (at 3.23 PM UTC/GMT +7)

So for now the website is running fine for me while logged in. However, the status page still warns us of error (unchanged from a few hours before). Expect some other errors still in the next few hours, or even in the next few days. Let’s just hope nothing screws it up again.

Additionally, TIME wrote Why Have Hackers Hit Russia’s Most Popular Blogging Service?

EDIT 8.50 PM (UTC/GMT +7)
– I managed to make a longer post (than the previous 3 I posted) around 10 minutes ago: Post 4 – PROGRESS.
– I tried posting a fanfiction (around 2000 words) to an LJ community earlier, but failed. If your post is a long one, the website will give you an Internal Server Error warning. That part is still buggy or whatever, so keep your post shorts for now – SEMI-PROGRESS.
– I can now post comments on my Friends’ LJ pages – PROGRESS.
– I received a response from LJ support for my support request this morning but they didn’t explain anything new, just to try and clear cookies and reload if Varnish Error message appears, etc. Very standard, very generic. – WHATEVER.

I wish you luck with your LJ adventures, people.