Livejournal Still Failing – Another Update

Day #57350706204 of Livejournal Failure of Summer 2011.

If you’re wondering what’s going on now, here’s what’s happening as of 9.01 PM (my time in Jakarta, Indonesia – we are UTC/GMT +7): currently the website is DOWN. It doesn’t matter if you’re logged in or not, you can’t open it. This has been a persistent problem throughout the day since this morning.

Livejournal has posted in their LJ maintenance page:

Sorry we broke the LJ again…
Hi all,

For the last few days site performance has been pretty bad, however we’re slowly making changes to get as many people access to the site as possible. We keep getting new equipment to beef things up, so the chances of this happening again are pretty remote. Sunday night we experienced a surge of increased junk traffic. Our site is already pretty fragile, so it caused a lot of cascade failures and I stayed up all night with ops to bring stuff back up.

Sorry guys, I hate being so serious, but we’ll get everything sorted in a few days.

In the meantime, the most reliable way to access the site is logged out. Viewing certain journals while logged in may give you a timeout error due to some bugs we’re working on. If you’re constantly getting errors, try clearing out your cookies and trying again.


I’ve now activated my Dreamwidth account so I’m blogging there and here.

I’ll update again if I experience anything bad and need to rant about it somewhere. On the meantime, hang in there, LJ users, and keep your fingers crossed. Also: BREATHE.

EDIT 10.00 PM (UTC/GMT +7):

New status from Livejournal:

LiveJournal Status

We are still having a lot of issues related to the high traffic, as most of you are of course aware — many users still have no or very limited site access, etc. While remaining logged out allows some users to use the site in that manner, this unfortunately does not work for everyone.

We are still working on it, and working with our providers to redirect/mitigate traffic as much as possible. Sorry that we do not have better news yet; we’ll keep you updated. Thank you.

Status Updated: 2:11 pm GMT (Thursday, July 28)

And basically their Twitter account is saying the same thing, that “unfortunately, we’re still having site issues“.

This is a major setback from yesterday, actually, for me. Yesterday, I could browse pages while logged in using Firefox after I cleared my Firefox cache. Today, the website is just down like the downest thing in the whole world.

Naturally, I am beyond frustrated. The last time they experienced DDOS attack in spring it took them two weeks, give or take, to resolve the issue. But since I’m tired of bitching about it. I’ve decided to just… stay away from it for now. Hence, my blogging at Dreamwidth, trolling at Tumblr and tweeting about the situation like mad on Twitter. (Don’t you just love social media of the 2000s?)

I’ve said this before. I’ll say it again: BREATHE.

3 thoughts on “Livejournal Still Failing – Another Update

  1. I opened a dream width account yesterday per your advice. It’s a bit different from LJ but similar…I’m just using it to blog a bit in the meantime. Do you think LJ will reimburse me for payment? I just signed up for a year a couple weeks ago….I wish I hadn’t :0)


    • Oh cool! Let me look you up on Dreamwidth. 🙂

      As for reimbursement from Livejournal, in the past they did give paid account users free paid time for a couple of weeks. But I don’t know if they’re going to do so now. I don’t think you should worry… it’s not going to be down forever. (I hope!) If it goes down for more than 14 days (which I hope won’t happen) I’m sure they’ll consider giving us free paid time! Fingers crossed!

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