Livejournal Continues to Fail – AN UPDATE

Hello, fellow Livejournal users. Have you all had any luck with Livejournal while I was sleeping last night? …I am guessing NOT MUCH. Because, yes, the creepy goat on the status page said:

LiveJournal Status

While we’ve gotten site access returned for many users, we know many other users are still unable to access the site at all, or are only able to do so intermittently. We’re sorry for the interruption to your LJ usage, and are still working hard to get site access back to normal for everyone as quickly as possible. Thank you.
Status Updated: 2:47 pm GMT (Tuesday, July 26)

Meanwhile, their twitter claims:

Site access is back for many, but others are still unable to get on at all, or only intermittently. Sorry, we’re still working on it! Thanks
about 14 hours ago via web


If you still can’t access: we haven’t forgotten you. Try deleting your LJ cookies: works for some, not all. Hang in there. ~Carrie
about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

So… GREAT. Just great. The site is STILL in trouble. You can no longer rely on Down or Not because it’ll just tell you the website is UP but of course this is bullcrap because many – SO MANY – of us are still unable to get the website to function.

Let’s compare notes again, shall we?

[+] My location: Jakarta, Indonesia, South East Asia – current time of post: 11.42 AM – Jakarta time.

[+] I tried accessing Livejournal using PC and Google Chrome half an hour ago (11.15 AM):
I can log in, but can’t browse anything but did not even try to clear cache/cookies because Chrome takes a long time to do this task.

[+] I switched to Mozilla Firefox (still on PC) on 11.20 AM:
I can log in, but can’t browse anything.

[+] I switched to Internet Explorer (on PC) on 11.23 AM:
I didn’t log in and immediately open a random page that I usually frequent and I can open that page.

[+] The IE thing above gave me the idea that MAYBE the problem is logging in. When you log in, you can’t browse. (Which is STUPID, by the way, and why the hell is this happening? Not that anyone will give me an answer…) So I logged out of Firefox and tried to open pages and… IT WORKED! I can browse the website – open any pages – without logging in from Firefox.

[+] On 11.30 AM (approximately), I cleared the Livejournal cookies from my Firefox. I logged in again and… NOW I can browse the website by logging in from Firefox. But it’s still loading kind of slowly and sometimes you get a TIME-OUT ERROR from the server and you have to refresh/reload the page again.

[+] I tried submitting support request and was still unable to do so. I still can’t do anything with the website that has to do with submitting forms (like update page, reply comments, etc.) I had to submit my support request via e-mail to this address:

[+] Livejournal did respond to my previous two support requests that I sent them yesterday but they gave me a generic answer that DOES NOT HELP AT ALL:

I am sorry for the inconvenience. This is happening because of network difficulties over the last day. Our site operations team is working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Many users have already had their access to LiveJournal restored, and we’re working on getting the site running properly for everyone else. We are updating our status page as well as Twitter and Facebook when we have new information. I’m very sorry for the frustration.

[+] My new support request complained about not being able to browse while logging in: #1349796
(I’m not sure you can see this because it’s marked as private but there you go.)

[+] I suggest if anyone wants to let Livejournal know how much problem they’re still having, write them an e-mail to that address ( and hope/pray they can answer and resolve the situation soon.

I know writing all of the above down won’t help solve the problems that has been happening with the website but I do find it comforting when people can discuss and talk about the problems together. I bitch and moan about this problem all the time (because I’ve been using Livejournal to blog since 2003 and it’s more important to me than Facebook, Twitter and whatnot so I really hate it when it’s not working)) but I’d also like to help people see the situation in a clearer way. At least by writing this I hope people know they are NOT alone in this situation.

Anyway. Fingers crossed that something positive will happen with LJ soon.

2.47 PM
Livejournal is totally down again for me right now. None of the browsers work to open the page at the moment.

5.23 PM It worked for a while after my last edit, but now it’s not working again. As in, it’s totally down again. *SIGH*

7.20 PM Still down. (Worked for 2 seconds about half an hour ago but then it just went dead again.)

7.45 PM Currently up but don’t know for how long. I’m guessing… not long.

7.52 PM The website is up but it still won’t let me do anything. It won’t let me post comments, post updates, vote in polls… Is there something wrong with their.bml thingie?

8.05 PM Is this another DDOS attack?They really should have just said so, if that was the case. Status needs to be updated… ASAP.

9.29 PM [FINAL UPDATE] The website is down again. The status page has been updated with the confirmation of DDOS attack:

LiveJournal Status

We can now publicly disclose that we have been experiencing a large-scale DDoS attack the last two days, which has been the reason for the site issues most users have been experiencing. The traffic load has been immense, at many times our normal load level, and the attack is still on-going. We are in constant contact with our providers to mitigate the attack as best as possible. We again apologize for the disruption to LiveJournal usage, and are working to get everything back to normal as soon as we can. Thank you!

Status Updated: 2:29 pm GMT (Wednesday, July 27)

This means the website will continue to be up and down intermittently until they deal with the problem entirely. And that might take a couple more days to do because the last time it happened in April, they went on for almost a week.

Since this is happening, I suggest we don’t overwhelm their servers by loading and reloading in vain. Stay away from the website for a few hours and continue monitoring the server via sites like downornot. It’s best to just let LJ’s ops team work their issues and deal with the problem.

7 thoughts on “Livejournal Continues to Fail – AN UPDATE

  1. thanks for sharing this!
    i was wondering why i cant log into lj. it’s not the first time this year and i wonder why are they having so many problems! i nv used to have this kind of problems when i used blogspot. o.o
    i depend on lj very heavily so gosh, this is killing me.
    oh well.
    *pats u*
    let’s just hope that it recovers soon!!

    • Unfortunately, Livejournal has been failing all year long this year. I’m sure you’ve heard of their latest fight with DDOS attack last spring. That was terrible.

      I want nothing more than for LJ to recover soon but it’s looking more and more pessimistic that the situation will get resolved today or tomorrow. But I’m hanging in here.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been wondering if something is seriously wrong with my computer, as there weren’t any news anywhere… I hope they’ll resolve this problem soon.

    • Hey, no problem. I get how frustrating it can be when the website isn’t working and you don’t know what’s going on. You might also want to keep an eye out for LJ user reactions on Twitter and Tumblr. There are a lot of frustrated suffering from the situation as well right now.

  3. I’m not sure if this has to do with the DDoS attack, but my LJ login’s been acting funny since two days ago.

    I’m using Firefox and normally the add-on is found on the lower right-hand portion of the page. You click it once, and it asks you whether you want to log in, log out, or select ‘Preferences’. Now, I usually just click “Log in as…” and enter my username and password, and see the account I’ve logged in to automatically reflected in the bottom right. It barely takes a second or two. But ever since two days ago – before the DDoS attack, I believe – LJ login has been freezing the entire browser. I am not able to click or do anything other than minimize, maximize or close.

    I think I’ve tried everything. I’ve deleted cookies, disabled then reinstalled the add-on, reopened the browser, and restarted my computer. And it still isn’t doing anything. It continues to freeze every time I try to log in (though it shouldn’t be affected by LJ issues per se.) I’ve been using LJ login for more than three years and this has never happened before. So do you think it’s related to the DDoS attack this time around? And if not, do you have any other suggestions?

    • I don’t use Firefox or add-ons to connect to LJ so I’m not really sure why your situation is happening but it is very probable that it is related to the DDOS attack. Whatever problem anyone is having with the site right now is related to the DDOS attack because, as you can read in the latest LJ maintenance post, the entire site is buggy thanks to the maintenance the Ops team is doing to deal with the attack.

      I suggest you try another browser, like IE (my friends have had some success with IE) or Opera or Chrome or Safari, to log in. If you can’t log in and browse, or can’t even get on the site, with those browsers, then don’t panic – it’s definitely the DDOS problem. If you want clearer answers, I suggest you email Support: – no guarantees they will answer you but at least it’s something. Good luck. 🙂

      • Thanks for the input! As you suggested, I’ve tried IE, Chrome and Safari, and the add-on doesn’t function on any of them so I’ll chalk it up to the DDoS attack for now. It must have been a coincidence that it bugged down before the attack — I mean, I can’t even be sure if it was before or during since I imagine users were affected by area and not all in one go. I did start to panic, thinking I might’ve gotten some sort of virus but paranoia isn’t going to help me in the least. Like you said, it’s probably best that I stay away from the site for now and simply check with LJ Status. Your compilation of the LJ updates has been a big help. Thanks again! 🙂

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