Livejournal Continues to Fail – AN UPDATE

Hello, fellow Livejournal users. Have you all had any luck with Livejournal while I was sleeping last night? …I am guessing NOT MUCH. Because, yes, the creepy goat on the status page said:

LiveJournal Status

While we’ve gotten site access returned for many users, we know many other users are still unable to access the site at all, or are only able to do so intermittently. We’re sorry for the interruption to your LJ usage, and are still working hard to get site access back to normal for everyone as quickly as possible. Thank you.
Status Updated: 2:47 pm GMT (Tuesday, July 26)

Meanwhile, their twitter claims:

Site access is back for many, but others are still unable to get on at all, or only intermittently. Sorry, we’re still working on it! Thanks
about 14 hours ago via web


If you still can’t access: we haven’t forgotten you. Try deleting your LJ cookies: works for some, not all. Hang in there. ~Carrie
about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

So… GREAT. Just great. The site is STILL in trouble. You can no longer rely on Down or Not because it’ll just tell you the website is UP but of course this is bullcrap because many – SO MANY – of us are still unable to get the website to function.

Let’s compare notes again, shall we?

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