Livejournal Problem of the Month!

I seriously think 2011 is a bad year for Livejournal. I don’t know what’s going on with them and they’re still not updating their status anywhere. I see a lot of people on Twitter still complaining about the situation so I’d like to share what’s happening with me…

[+] I’m on a PC right now and regularly use Google Chrome. With Chrome, I can only access Livejournal’s front page (log in and then it gets me to Welcome Back, tomatoe18 page) but can’t open ANY of the pages, including my own LJ at the url

And this is the latest message I get from it:

This webpage is not available.

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

The message is the same for all of the Livejournal pages I try to open using Chrome. I tried clearing the cache – still doesn’t work at all.

[+] On the same PC, I switched to Firefox and Internet Explorer. I logged in with Firefox – no problem; all pages work fine but kind of slow loading. I didn’t log in with IE but manage to open the pages but still slow loading.

[+] Then I switched computers to Macbook and used Safari. I didn’t log in but I can open all of the pages. It loads a teensy bit faster on Safari but then my page’s background picture is wonky, LIKE THIS.
Is this a problem with Scrapbook or with the coding? I’m not even sure where the problem is because it only does so in Safari.

[+] LJ needs an update from LJ maintenance. The Twitter page and the status page also need to be updated. I’m just really confused about what’s going on right now and I see on Twitter a lot of people are complaining that, although the site SEEMS to be back up, it’s still not working for MANY people.

[+] It took me FOREVER to submit this Troubleshooting inquiry to the Support Board. It has been taking me FOREVER to open the Support Board, too, so I ended up sending email to where I got automated response.

[+] I forgot to say: my location is in Indonesia, South East Asia, and this post was made on 7.18 PM, Jakarta time. (Just in case someone is reading this and wants a time frame…)

What about you?

Livejournal did not let me post this, so I’m doing it on WordPress. What has the Internet become? Complaining about one blogging website on another…

38 thoughts on “Livejournal Problem of the Month!

    • I cannot get into my blog either…it’s been two days now. I pay for this account so I’m not real happy about it…does anyone have any updates? I’m using Google chrome, tried IE and that does not work either…

      What’s up? I’m getting a bit flustered over this :0(


      • I suppose you do not accept the contents of the owner’s press release:

        “SUP company announced that the reason of technical downtime in blog hosting operation of LiveJournalwas new DDoS-attack, the company reports.

        “Even reserve console was out of order, that would help us understand what is going wrong with the network equipment, therefore the only source of information for us and other clients were providers. Later on DDoS Mitigation Protocol was set and launched, by results of which we saw that incoming traffic amounted to 6 Gb with 8 Gb peaks, which is, obviously, the upper limit for Qwest and Verizon,” said Ilya Dronov, LiveJournal Promotion Director, adding that the peak for incoming traffic for previous attacks stood at 2 Gb.

        Earlier SUP representatives refuted attack version, explaining downtime in blog hosting by problems in data centers, where LiveJournal servers are located.

        Responsibility for technical bug was laid upon U.S. communication operators Qwest and Verizon, reports.”

        From here:

  1. I am in the central US, on a Macbook, and have had trouble on all of my browsers. Chrome is very temperamental with LJ– I can only log in half of the time, many pages don’t load or load incorrectly, and any attempt to post a comment results in the dreaded “Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.”
    I get the same error when attempting to view certain pages, most often my inbox or a comment thread.
    Firefox loads pages very slowly, and most of the time the connection times out and I get a blank screen. I haven’t been able to get far enough to attempt comment posting, so I’m just going to go ahead and say it’s out of the question.
    Safari annoys me so I try not to use it, but I tested this on there, too. Pages load slowly, I am usually unable to log in, and when I do manage that much I can’t post comments. I get the message “Safari can’t open the page “” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection.”
    I even downloaded Opera, thinking a new browser might help, and have had issues there as well. All pages load extremely slowly or not at all. Logging in only works sometimes. Most of the time pages come up blank with the message “Content-Length: 0” after loading for a very long time.

    I’ve been having this issue for well over 24 hours now, and am kind of at a loss.

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. But yes, this is a problem for me, too. I experienced the exact same thing as you did yesterday (except I was on a PC and didn’t get to my Macbook until later on). It seems that the problem is not browser-related. My friend in the same country as I am can’t open the site through Firefox but can do so via Chrome. Like you, he had to download Opera as well.

      Today is a whole different story with Livejournal. I will make a new post with the updated situation shortly.

      Thanks for letting us know in detail of what’s happening so that people can see what the hell is happening to other people and compare notes.

  2. Hi, I was actually googling the solution for this very same problem. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, and I haven’t been able to access lj from any server (Chrome, FireFox, IE). I guess that it’s a website problem and I hope they will solve it soon.

  3. I am in New Orleans and have not been able to access my page or one of my communities for 2 days. I am also on Google chrome and I get the same “empty data” error. I opened internet explorer and it said “unable to load web page”.
    Very frustrating when I contact other friends and they don’t have a problem. I can reach the LJ homepage, but once I log on to access my page or any other page I get nothing.

    • YES, EXACTLY. Logging in disables browsing (in Firefox, in my case). So… what? We SHOULDN’T log in?

      I submitted a support request about the problem via e-mail to — I recommend you to do the same, if you can be bothered, because this problem is just STUPID.

  4. It’s on and off for me. Sometimes, I’m able to view the site but other times, the error screen pops out. I use Safari and I’m from Canada.

  5. Haven’t tried Exploder, but Firefox on Windows right now gives me a timeout error, and has been spotty all day. Boo, hiss … sigh. It’s getting old.

  6. I didn’t find any problem to access livejournal from computer but I can’t access it at all from my phone since yesterday. I’m on Indonesia btw.

    • The situation is the opposite for many people on Twitter – they can access via the mobile version but can’t access through proper computers. Weird.

  7. the same here in Latvia, EU. I can open some of LJ pages using Google Chrome. and can’t access it using IE and Firefox.

  8. Same for me. I live in Florida and sometimes I was able to get a page to load but it was extremely slow and more than naught I got the same error as you. I haven’t been able to access much for the past 2 days and I am using firefox and switched from my desktop to my laptop even now I tried to post a comment when it looked like things were going fine then it just stopped loading it.

    • Same thing happened to me. It’s been down for almost five days now for me. Day before yesterday one of the pages I was trying to reach finally came up so I figured it was solved, read an entry, went to post a comment– and got the standard Page Not Found error. Since then I’ve periodically been hitting “Try Again” (and “Resend” in the hopes that my comment will finally make it through) but still no dice.

      Also yesterday I could reach a login page, but as soon as I tried to log in it failed again and I was back to the Page Not Found page. And since then I can’t even get to the login page, and not even the LJ home page.

      I am in Canada on a PC with Firefox. I haven’t bothered with different browsers because the problem is manifestly not at my end so since Firefox does usually work, if it isn’t working now, it means the problem hasn’t been solved yet.

      • Have you tried again today? It’s working for me right now (3.13 PM – I’m on UTC/GMT +7). I posted from Firefox and Chrome. Both times it worked. And I posted a comment. Whereas in the previous 4 days I haven’t been able to do so.

        Yeah, trying with different browsers wouldn’t actually solve anything but I know there were some desperate people out there who wanted to see if they could have any luck at all. I mostly tried the different browsers for testing errors. As you can imagine, since the hackers are evil, the errors occurred very often.

  9. I’m from Singapore and it takes FOREVER for LiveJournal to load! I’m using a MacBook and I’ve tried using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari–nothing works… For the past few hours I’ve been unable to acces LiveJournal at all!

  10. Hi Everyone:

    I’m able to get in today but the side bar is taking forever to load. I’ll write to the support people as you suggest, I think it’s time to move on to a better system. Is WordPress considered the best as far as no technical problems?

    By the way, thanks for posting this on your blog….it’s nice to be able to chat with people about it.
    And lovely to meet you all.

    • WordPress is great for blogging but it doesn’t have communities like LJ. I prefer LJ for fandom things because there are a lot more resources and like-minded people over there. Many people I know are ‘migrating’ to Dreamwidth (I think you need invite code to join). That seems to be the popular choice after LJ.

  11. I am having serious withdrawal issues. It has been two whole days since I have ben able to login to my livejournal. I have tried my netbook, Ipod and desktop on foxfire, IE, and safari and none of them will load my page. I keep timing out. Please tell me that they will fix this soon. I was worried that I had a virus or something I have been scanning my electronic devices all day trying to figure out what the heck.

  12. I guess everyone is having serious issues then? I thought it was just me…
    I’m in USA – East Coast – and I can’t even load the LJ homepage, let alone log in or view any other parts of the site. I hope this is fixed soon.

  13. Wow. So everybody worldwide can’t open the LJ webpage either? It either keeps popping up the shitty “Internet 500 Internal Server Error” or “Internet Cannot Display blah blah blah.” The fact that everybody is experiencing the same issue doesn’t make me feel better one bit. :/

    God must they pick the same day I plan to post my new update to work on their stupid maintainance? >_<o

    • It’s a DDOS attack and it’s going to take a long while, I reckon, for them to get their shit together. The most annoying thing about it is that Livejournal is ALWAYS slow to update their status, making us guess about what the hell their problem is. I’m still having trouble today… it’s been four days. *sigh*

  14. FOUR DAYS? 0-0;;
    Can I assume that we have three more days to go then since the last time it took them about a week to sort this sort this out. x’D Is this why the code doesn’t work even on any other website?

    I wonder if someone is pulling the string behind the DDOS attack. If there is/are, then they’re better be fucking praying that we/lj never find out or their ass is toasted! >____>o

    • Yes, four days. It started on Monday, I think, and today it’s still full of the crap, right? So that’s four days of outage and god knows how LONG it’ll last. Last time, it took them about a wekk to get the site back up since the first attack but it was about 2 weeks before the site could run properly, remember? There were all sorts of glitches, etc. And this time they didn’t even admit to the public that it was a DDOS attack that’s causing the problem until yesterday. I just find this latest bout of attacks more frustrating than before. 😦

      I don’t know who’s behind the attacks and I have no theories. But honestly, LJ is kind of pathetic to not doing something to prevent this from happening. I read in their latest LJ maintenance post that their site is “fragile”… so I’m, like, THEN WHY DON’T YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT?! Sheesh. I don’t know.

      I’m on Dreamwidth, too, now, since most of my LJ friends are hanging out there while LJ does stuff with their website. It’s kind of lonely and not at all the same as LJ, but at least it’s something. Migration is something that I’m seriously thinking about…

      • I was sort of hiatus during the April so I wasn’t sure how bad things were with LJ, &now I think I do. xP
        Fragile? How old is LJ exactly? One would figure that after years of operating in the internet world LJ would have toughen up by now, or at least have a decent system to fend of the malicious virus or whatever the hell is attacking it. -throws fist into the air-

        I’d really appreciate it if you could keep us update on the news as well, mavieenlair18. 🙂
        Any new info that can give us an insight to this incident regardless of how frustrating it might be.

        lol. Dreamwidth is like the younger sister version of LJ, no? It’s all red and pink color and all. xD
        I make a DW account before but deleted it because I don’t want to handle too many websites at once. Now I’m starting to think that it was a dumb move to take. So I decided to make a new one today and upload the latest post but the rest of the previous materials are all at LJ, really didn’t think I’d need to save them in MicroSW until today. -sighs- :/

        If most of your friends are at DW then why are you feeling lonely? :O
        Yeah, it’s kinda not the same right, I guess it is only a natural reaction because we were so used to LJ.
        I felt the same way when I first moved to LJ from Myspace. Myspace was just so fucked up with all of its crazy updates and ruined tons of my precious layout/blog codes [not gonna get into how many hours I spent up late at night searching and experimenting xO], and it forced users to switch profile to the latest version against our will, so I decided to finally pull the plug on that social network site. Most of my online friends went on their separate way so I did felt an short moment of sadness. -shrugs-

        &I don’t think we should give up on LJ just yet. -contemplates-

        • Well, be glad that you weren’t there in April because that was, if possible, even more annoying than now.

          I think LJ has been around for 13 years? Wasn’t it started in ’99 by the Brad guy? I don’t remember… but you are correct, of course. they should’ve known better than to leave their old system lying around. *sigh*

          I don’t know if you’re active in any fandom but most of my fandom friends in Harry Potter moved to Dreamwidth. Some people over there started up a community for most of us to play around in while LJ sort their issues… but I have to say it’s not the same because, say, out of 100 people in the fandom, only about 20 are active. So even though they’re all there, I do still feel kind of lonely. 😛

          I never used MySpace but wow, forcing people to switch to anything is all kinds of douchey. (But I think Twitter is going to do that soon to us. I’ve been resisting the new version for the longest time and I will continue to resist as long as I possible.)

          Anyway, latest updates as of my timezone (3.11 PM UTC/GMT+7), the site is currently working for me. I tried posting from Firefox and Chrome and both times they were successful. I just posted a comment on my friend’s LJ and this worked too. I don’t know how long things will continue to work in this situation but god, I hope it lasts. Status page still warns us of errors, as I’m sure you can see. I can only say this to you now: GOOD LUCK. *hugs*

  15. I’m from Bulgaria and I’ve had the same issues with LJ (like you described with Chrome) since Monday (July 25th) and although I mainly use Chrome too, Firefox and IE also failed to load anything other than
    This is highly frustrating.

    • Right now the site should be back up. Try logging in and posting something with any of your browsers (I just tried posting with Chrome and Firefox; both successful). Good luck with it and hang in there.

      • I was able to get in last evening, but before I went to bed it was down again.
        This morning it seems to be back, although I have not had time to post yet.

        What I don’t understand about the Dream Width, is that if I want to put up a photo, I have to have the URL.
        In LJ, it just goes directly to my photo file and I can just choose the photo from there without using a URL.

        What I do like about DW is that you can use Google Analystics where as in LJ you can only use their STATS, etc. The Google Analystics is much more refined and gives so much more information.

        LJ has given me a bad taste of *what may come.* I wonder if they already have one foot out the door !


        • Re: Dreamwidth photo thing… I think it’s because they don’t have Scrapbook like LJ. I never actually posted pictures the way you do on LJ either (automatic from the photo file instead of using the URL) because I store my pictures in another place (e.g. here in WordPress). But overall, yeah, it may take sometime getting used to navigating Dreamwidth but it really does seem like a good place to be for when LJ is screwing up.

          I hope LJ is working for you now. I’ve been able to access it in the past 24 hours, managed to post some things (although short entries and comments only), all while logged in. So, I hope it works for you too.

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