3D: Dizzying, Dispensable, Disproportionate

“There’s an evolution, and people are starting to not accept inferior forms, which is good.  But it’s typical of Hollywood to get it wrong. We do a film that’s natively authored in 3D — it’s shot in 3D.  So they assume from the success of that, that they can just turn movies into 3D.  In 8 weeks.  You know, just throw a switch on 3D and that’s gonna work somehow.  If you wanna make a movie in 3D, MAKE the movie in 3D. It should be a filmmaker-driven process and not a studio-driven process.”

– James Cameron (from this interview)

Ah, FINALLY. Someone is speaking up against the whole “movies-in-3D-are-better” crap. Seriously, Hollywood, listen to the man.

I pretty much have nothing else to say because, frankly, James Cameron said it all. I’ve been waiting for someone to say this to the world at large ever since the filmmakers of Harry Potter decided to release Deathly Hallows Part I and II in 3 effing D. At that time, I felt like grabbing a stuffed baseball bat (toy) and just hitting the Davids – Heyman, Yates, whoever – on the head for that. In fact, I still do now. If they go ahead with this 3D plans for the last 2 movies in the franchise, I might just have to jab them all with a spork. The only thing that would forgive them for going 3D is if Steve Kloves actually came up with a worse script than what he did for Half-Blood Prince. That way, I’d be too worked up on exacting revenge plans for Kloves that the 3D wouldn’t matter.

But, seriously… enough 3D. Just because James Cameron is bored enough to spend the last decade to develop a movie with an inferior story into a freaking massive epic 3D masterpiece, it doesn’t mean everyone has to. First, Hollywood can’t make a decent enough script for a movie without resorting to books (or amusement park rides or old movies or TV shows or video games) these days. Second, it’s trying to cover this up by making all their movies in 3D. I say, stop being stupid, Hollywood, it’s embarrassing.

That said, I’m looking forward to Tim Burton’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The one that will play in a cinema near me NOT in 3D. 🙂