Exclusive Interview: Tom Felton – Behind the Mask of Malfoy (Part 1)

Tom Felton: Behind the Mask of Malfoy

Interview by Amanda Aayusya, with the assistance of Misha (Feltbeats.com).

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This year Harry Potter and his brave band of Gryffindors return to the big screens after a two year absence. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will finally appear on cinemas in Jakarta in July after it was postponed for about half a year (it had originally been slated to open in cinemas in December 2008). Harry’s tale is more thrilling this time around, as he becomes obsessed with his schoolyard rival Draco Malfoy after suspecting him of evildoing. Harry and Draco will eventually face off in a battle of spells in Half-Blood Prince. Both actors who play these characters on-screen promise an intense epic battle between the two students of opposing Houses.

Everyone knows who Daniel Radcliffe is. The young man who’s been playing Potter for nearly a decade is one of the world’s most popular actors at this moment. But how about the one who plays Draco, Tom Felton? His pale face and sly, smirking expressions are Felton’s trademarks ever since he joined the Potter cast. Thanks to this, there have been more than a few people who are under the impression that Felton is as bad as Draco. Well, they’d be surprised to know that Felton is a down-to-earth, courteous young man and is not at all like his on-screen alter ego.

It’s a pity that, at this moment, Felton has not yet gained the massive popularity that Radcliffe enjoys in Indonesia. That is not to say, however, that he’s inferior to Radcliffe in front of the cameras. Just like his co-star, Felton has been acting since a young age. His face has graced the big screens since 1997, debuting in The Borrowers. And before becoming Draco, he played Jodie Foster‘s son in Anna and the King (1999).

Again, very much like Radcliffe, Felton has also begun building his career for when the Potter saga wraps up. In the past year or so, he has been in two horror flicks, The Disappeared (2008) dan 13 Hours (2009). But, more excitingly, last year Felton has revealed one of his greatest, most unexpected talents: music.

Felton has all the makings of a true aspiring indie musician: a catchy name that he uses for his solo act, Feltbeats; an account in YouTube, where he releases his videos and showcases his prowess in singing and songwriting; being listed at iTunes, where fans could purchase his albums. We look forward to bigger, greater things from this particular endeavor of his.

To let Indonesians know him better, FiRST’s correspondent and contributor, Amanda Aayusya, with the generous assistance of Misha of the biggest Felton’s fansite on the Internet, Feltbeats.com, managed to chase this actor who was born in London, 22 September 1987, in the midst of his hectic schedule of promoting Half-Blood Prince and filming the seventh movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and have him answer several inquiries on Draco Malfoy, further plans for his life-after-Potter, and that uniquely bizarre experience of ostrich riding… exclusive for FiRST Movie Magazine Indonesia.

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Credits and disclaimers: This article was written for FiRST Movie Magazine Indonesia, issue 18, July 2009. Pages scanned from FiRST Movie Magazine Indonesia and are not for commercial use. Images are copyrighted by Warner Bros. Indonesia. Do not hotlink and/or use without permission.

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