Exclusive Interview: Tom Felton – Behind the Mask of Malfoy (Part 3)

Tom Felton: Behind the Mask of Malfoy

Interview by Amanda Aayusya, with the assistance of Misha (Feltbeats.com).

Speaking of traveling, have you been to Asia lately? If yes, where and how did you like that place? If no, where do you want to go to?

I haven’t been to Asia lately but I would love come back and see it all again!

As for where I would want to go, I would do anything right now to be back in Hawaii! I absolutely loved Maui, I’m so keen to do a film out there! I’d also like to visit Fiji one day!

Have you had any experience meeting fans from Asia? If yes, what was the experience like? If no, then that’s too bad, but we hope you’ll get that experience soon.

Not in any official way, but I look forward to meeting them soon! It would be great if we had a premiere out there and I got to go and meet all of them. I’d love to visit Singapore soon also – it is on my next list of places to visit!

Switching topics now, I cannot even begin to tell you how delighted I was when you released your first video on YouTube. Your music is nothing short of brilliant, so compliments on that. But it felt like something that came out of the blue — many fans didn’t even know you were THAT musically inclined up until that moment. Just how serious were you about your music back then?

Thank you for your comments! I appreciate that!

Music has always a passion and it has just developed over the years! I love to play music with my friend as a hobby and to just see the creativity that can come from all of us just jamming together and having fun. We all learn from each other and we all help each other progress our skills.

And how serious are you about your music now?

I don’t take it too seriously, I just have a passion for music and being creative with it.

Thanks to your music on iTunes and YouTube, your Twitter, and online interviews in Feltbeats.com, you’re now somewhat of an Internet phenomenon. How do you feel about your Internet fame?

I greatly appreciate all the support and interest from the fans. My fans are incredible! They are extremely inspiring and interacting with them via Twitter is such fun. Its amazing how you can be in touch with such a diverse group of people from all over the world.

I love hearing all their responses and thoughts on my music! I take it all in to account I assure you! I am completely flattered by their interest in my music.

I know this question has been asked before, but just checking again: do you prefer acting or singing? Which of these two would you like to pursue as a career after Harry Potter?

Acting definitely as a career, but I will always write music as I love being creative.

If you do pursue acting, after Harry Potter, what kind of movies or characters would you like to play?

Action or war movies would be fantastic to do, or even a film related to music. My ultimate character to play would definitely be James Bond.

According to reports, you rode an ostrich in South Africa. I couldn’t help but be amused when I first heard about it. Do tell us all about this because it’s not like every day we see a celebrity riding an ostrich.

It was great fun, but it was also terribly scary! I fell off which was actually quite hilarious! I’d highly recommend riding an ostrich!

Now, just for fun, if you were a wizard about to be Sorted in Hogwarts, which House do you think you – Tom Felton – would be in?

I, Tom Felton, would definitely be in Slytherin!

And if you could pick an occupation in the wizarding world, what would you be doing for a living?

I’d probably be a magical luthier and make some sort of musical instrument to sell on Diagon Alley.

Now pick your preference out of two options given. Don’t think too much about the question. Just answer with the first thing you’ve an impulse to say. First of all, Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood?

Luna Lovegood

Scones or pancakes?


Football or cricket?


Acoustic guitar or electric guitar?

Acoustic guitar

Describe Tom Felton in three words or phrases.


Lastly, do you have any messages for your fans in Indonesia and Asia?

Thank you for your support! I can’t wait for you to all see the film and I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you, Tom, for this lovely interview.


Credits and disclaimers: This interview was conducted with Tom Felton via e-mail exclusively for FiRST Movie Magazine Indonesia, issue 18, July 2009. Copying or using the whole interview without permission is strictly prohibited. Pages scanned from FiRST Movie Magazine Indonesia and are not for commercial use. Images used in the article are copyrighted by Warner Bros., Lost Tribe Productions Ltd., and ITV. Do not hotlink and/or use without permission. FiRST thanks Misha of Feltbeats.com for her help in this interview.

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